Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Surge Reaches The Homeland

The surge in military suicides continues.

The military officials are only looking at the direct numbers of suicides, which is breaking another record this year, so as to attempt to minimize what they consider to be bad press; as if bad press is the big problem.

The numbers only point to the core, ignoring the almost suicides and millions of associated mental problems.

All of which will detrimentally effect the families and communities of those suffering from battle madness for years and years all around the country.

As we have pointed out, the government military oil complex run amok has destroyed the economy, destroyed our world reputation, destroyed millions of civilians, and is now self destructing from within far more than what is "normal".

They have been stretched too thin for too long for no grand reason.

Hopefully the new Secretary of the Army President Obama appointed today will help to assuage some of the catastrophic foreign policy blunders of the past decade.

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