Saturday, June 13, 2009

Military Moderation v Ubermodernizing

The two articles on this blog, Sotomayer case on coups and GOP infiltration & coup, point out that immoderate forces have performed coups in our nation.

It has happened in the U.S. military, a political party, and then in the federal government, which then led to the ill fated Bush II years we still suffer from.

But the good news is that moderates have now gained the upper hand once again, in the military and in the federal government, even as the struggle still continues in the GOP.

This is good news current progressives tend to forget, because they have developed McPolitics, which does not see things through long enough or deep enough in too many cases; due in part to a youthful lack of patience and vision.

Don't forget that Secretary Gates has pointed out and publicly stated that preparing for fighting a war 50 years from now, by trying to build super-dooper futuristic weaponry now, is ill advised.

His meaning is that the neoCon vision there in the military has been wrong.

Which means, since he can state it publicly, that the moderates are growing stronger within the military and also in the federal government.

In conclusion, these developments present a better vision, and these are developments which we in the majority can all believe in.

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