Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cornservatives Embrace Conservation

The Conservative In Chief is what Bush II was called by neoCons until everything he did ended up back in the garbage where it came from.

The mourning Joe program "Morning Joe" on MSNBC has been mourning the decisive defeat of what the republicans call "conservatism" in the last two U.S. elections.

The people of the United States sent a clear message that Joe Scarborough does get.

He does not like it, but he does get the fact that they went down and that they went down for not only what they said but for what they did to the nation.

He also gets why, in terms of economics, "conservative economics" leaves a bad taste in the nation's mouth.

He says over and over that the Bush II regime, alongwith its republican rubber stamp congress, spent what the nation did not have, and spent us into great debt.

With nothing but wars we can not seem to end, Katrina destruction, and a long line of deficits in the future for our children and grandchildren, in the wake of "conservative" government, there is little wonder the nation has had it with "conservatives".

To be sure Joe is a Cornservative at heart, because his ideas come from the corn belt and the deep south.

He wants to brand that cornservative sentiment as conservatism, but the Buckley clan would not go down that road, because it is a false front. For heaven sake Buckley voted for Obama!

Joe is talking environmentalism by calling it conservation, then saying "conservative" means conservation. Yeah Joe, the conservative republicans invented the environmental movement. Who put the Joe in Joke!

That dog won't hunt Joe, that is a joke.

The nation knows that conservatives are anti-environment and that they think the notion of global warming is a devil inspired idea; the nation knows that conservatives are blind warmongers that think you kill something when there is a problem.

They are now killing themselves because they have a problem - themselves.

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