Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Co-Equal Branch" Is A Misnomer

In a very important sense it is not true to say that the US's way of governing is based on equal sections or equal parts.

It is likely to confuse us if we look at it that way. To say that the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and the administrative branch of the United States government are "co-equal" is unavailing.

The graphic shows that there is really nothing similar among them, and the glaring reality is how different they are. The only true statement is that they are equally subordinate to the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of our land.

It is clear that they have unequal characteristics, in that only one legislates (congress), only one adjudicates (courts), and only one administers (president).

They are comparable in the sense that each is sovereign in its own constitutionally specified power zone, but the others are to stay out of that area.

The the separation of powers doctrine is fundamental in our system of government.

A recent article on this blog shows how the "co-equal" misnomer was perverted even further. Bush II administration officials seized power that is not theirs under our constitution, thereby doing great damage to governmental balance.

That ideological coup led us down many a dark path and now we suffer and argue about how to fix it.

In a "CYA" attempt to cover their tracks, they wrote memos recently, saying they really did not follow those "doubtful ... propositions". Yeah right.

Clearly they tried to revise constitutional law (pervert it) even after leaving office (Rove still refuses to honor congressional subpoenas). Now they are trying to write revisionist history (pervert history).

An article on this blog a while back discusses how the nature of deceit has crept into our national persona.

UPDATE: Gallup is a conservative poll, yet when asked if an immediate criminal prosecution should take place, or investigations should take place, Gallup indicated:
While no more than 41% of Americans favor a criminal investigation into any of the matters, at least 6 in 10 say there should be either a criminal investigation or an independent probe into all three. This includes 62% who favor some type of investigation into the possible use of torture when interrogating terrorism suspects, 63% who do so with respect to the possible use of telephone wiretaps without obtaining a warrant, and 71% who support investigating possible attempts to use the Justice Department for political purposes.
(Gallup). I think that is a mandate. Especially since people are really, really focused on the economy. Contrary to Gallup it is clear that the people want something done about bad policies and lies that brought on the economic collapse, wars, torture, and illegal spying.


  1. Hey Dredd,

    Something's up with the post after this one. When I hit comments only the top and right side of your blog showed. I tried a proxy too and no go.

    Not trying to data mine your age, but I am assuming you are one of the younger of Generation Y. mid 20ish I am Generation X. I'm proud of all you young people who are thoughtful and respectful of histority, ethics, and hope.

    The Eighties hit hard. The problem's been the Republicans dominating the executive, who pick the Supreme Court justices. 20 of 24 years were Republican.

    The Eighties stunk. Reagan was an ass. No matter how much anyone tries to rewrite history, he set us back twenty years. Jimmy Carter was a good man. Maybe a bit over his head with Economics. There was word Reagan people stole his debate papers and even made a deal with the Iranian govt. to hand over the hostages after the election.

    Reagan said ketchup is a vegetable to save on school costs. He sparked up all those pariah state wars- El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Africa.

    That's one place Carter excelled, foreign policy.

    Carter sent those apache or something copters in an attempt to rescue the hostages, but it was doomed to begin with.

    Not one American was killed. The Iranians get a bad reputation for what they are really like, peaceful. They invented backgammon.

    Iraq, they were secular. Bush gave Sadaam the bait and switch, just like his dad did with the Kuwait thing. Google April Glaspie. This time, they made up lies, broke international laws. The Republicans are a disgrace even to their own constituents. I don't think Bush won in either 2000 or 2004. I think it's accepted that 2000 was Gore's. Someday it will be common knowledge that 2004 was stolen too. Maybe not by the electronic machines as certain hoaxsters try to tell us, but by all the other dirty tricks.

    Though without a paper trail to a lot of the machines, there was no way to figure it out without total recounts. That's also where Gore failed. He should have asked for the whole state to be recounted and to make sure all people unfairly not allowed to vote could get their vote in.

  2. socrates,

    Partial page display has happened a time or two in the past with me too ... I had to edit a post then publish it again.

    It is a bug in the blogware ...

    I am older than dirt.

    Reagan threw a lot of people in the streets with welfare machinations. They think disabled people are faking it I guess.

    I think the military sabotaged the equipment used to try to rescue the Iranian hostages during Carter's admin. Too coincidental the way the craft ran into each other and equipment failed because of "sand".

    As to the Bush II era all I can say is CRIMINAL.

    If the Obama admin does not do some prosecution of Bush II criminals they are afraid of the military oil complex. Rove should be prosecuted for contempt of congress to start it off. If nothing happens someone has scared the hell out of them.

  3. Thanks for the response.

    I might have been a bit confusing in my post. Like I meant no American hostages were killed by the Iranians.

    Also, I probably confused recounts with having people vote again or allow those unfairly denied their vote to have it counted.

    You can't recount air, in regards to Diebold/Premier type software. You can't recount votes botched up in regards to the chads. Now whoever thought having electronic machines with no paper trail was a good idea did not do their homework or were duped by psy-op type stuff, or involved.

    Reagan can be blamed for creating a lot of homelessness. Clinton was kind of creepy too with cutting social services, but at least he balanced the budget.

    Do you think there will be justice for the last eight years? Maybe Pelosi and Reid had no real choice to go for impeachment? It can all get very confusing. Though the impeachment of Clinton didn't seem to hurt GW Bush in 2000. Gore even ran away from Clinton, kind of substantiating a legitimation of the Kenneth Starr proceedings.

    Gore should have made that a party platform, that we shouldn't be spending millions investigating Presidents for having extra-marital affairs.

    I'm not sure about a conspiracy theory surrounding Carter's mission to rescue the hostages. Though now that it can be seen that spying on US citizens was planned or whatnot before 9/11, just as plans were hatched to invade Iraq, then I don't think such conspiracy theories are far-fetched.

    One conspiracy theory I believe is that the phrase conspiracy theory has become a psy-op in itself. That's one of the things I agree with Pat {Agent99}, though I believe she, Brad, Brett, syncophants, and sock puppets misuse the ideal of free speech to justify running the table with all kinds of strawmen, e.g. Michael Connell being threatened by Karl Rove, "The Joos" did it, whatever nonsense they peddle in search of funding or psy-ops or both.

  4. socrates,

    Yeah, I agree the eVoting machines are dangerous at any speed.

    You asked "Do you think there will be justice for the last eight years?"

    There has to be some. But madness has ruled so long that I can see wisdom in not rushing it ... let crazies get used to the idea so they don't go into assassination mode. People who have been killing for 8 years are dangerous.

    You said "Maybe Pelosi and Reid had no real choice to go for impeachment?"

    Impeachment was hopeless with the Senate at about even votes. I did not advocate trying ... I advocated waiting until Bush II was out of office and could not pardon, then bring criminal actions.

    Because NOW he cannot pardon. Much better strategy. And I think that is how it will go. But steady as she goes ... make the memo's and other documents public then the public will be very much in favor of it.

  5. You know, Obama might be a suit and tie, but he got into some light-hearted trash talking with a fan at a basketball game. He's got the nice wife and family. I doubt we'll be hearing any Barbara Bushisms from them. She couldn't waste her beautiful mind thinking about the consequences of war. That was pure evil. Imagine Elisabeth Hasselbeck at age 70 but not so cute.

    One e-voting machine might have worked. Remember the dude who died in the auto accident? Ugh, can't remember his name. But he had that fancy invention. I believe in paper ballots, and we use the marker ourselves. But the way the blogosphere makes it, there is no way any form of vote tabulation will work. I'm not that paranoid. Though I do think a lot of elections are manipulated through a variety of ways, including with some of the vote counting.

    On being a bit patient on justice, there is some value to that. There are competing cliches. Strike while the iron is hot, yet revenge is a dish best served cold.

    I agree the votes probably weren't there to convict Bush and Cheney. An impeachment would have been like a useless censure, a slap on the wrist. If there's no justice soon, if the chemtrails keep going on, if the economy continues to tank and the poor go hungry, and wars continue, I give up on America.

    I try to always have hope. But my patience is wearing out.

    Though you do provide such hope through your analysis.