Wednesday, March 4, 2009

America's Shame Memos

The worst of them are still in the deep dark shadows of a fake national security system called our 'must be classified isn't that special' documents. Only the most special Americans can see them.

A system corrupted by despots to hide their unconstitutional, illegal, and hopelessly wrong headed tyrannical lust for power.

In a designed sequence the Department of Justice (DOJ) has released what are evidently the least tyrannical of those memos. The Shame Memos [The Department of Just Us hid the memos, so use the Wayback Machine link: The Shame Memos].

But even those least tyrannical documents would make our founding fathers so ashamed. So very ashamed.

America's Shame Memos from the most shameful presidency in our national history.

Each memo will be discussed in the next few days, but the C.Y.A. (cover your arse) memo will be discussed in this post.

Five days before Bush II left office his Department of Just Us wrote a C.Y.A. memo to disavow the Shame Memos.

The C.Y.A. memo says:
The purpose of this memorandum is to confirm that certain propositions stated in several opinions issued by the Office of Legal Counsel in 2001-2003 respecting the allocation of authorities between the President and Congress in matters of war and national security do not reflect the current views of this Office.
(The C.Y.A. Memo). It is signed by Steven G. Bradbury, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General.

Oh yeah Steve it was a mistake. But do you think you can play second grader and scrub all that tyranny away with a phoney remorseful piece of paper a mere 5 days before you can't play mobster despot any longer?

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