Friday, December 23, 2022

Watching The Arctic Die - 6

Fig. 1 Polar Vortex break-up

The Polar Vortex is impacted by global warming induced climate change, but what isn't? 

When you unplug your freezer or refrigerator the temperature change that takes place is analogous to the fact that the Arctic is warming at about 4 times the average of the world at large (Scientific American).

In other words your freezer or refrigerator temperatures will change at a higher rate than the rest of your house will because the radical temperature change, by analogy,  is taking place inside your household's "polar vortex" (freezer or refrigerator).

An interesting difference is that pieces of your freezer or refrigerator won't break off and end up elsewhere in your house like what happens to the Polar Vortex from time to time.

Yes, that does happen to the Arctic when temperature changes cause distortions:

"Sometimes this low-pressure system, full of arctic air, can weaken and travel from its usual position. As this system weakens, some of the cold, arctic air can break off and migrate south, bringing plenty of cold air with it. Areas as far south as Florida may experience arctic weather as a result."

(What Is the Polar Vortex?, emphasis added). Dredd Blog has been keeping an eye on the phenomenon for readers (Watching The Arctic Die, 2, 3, 4, 5). 

Yes, "Areas as far south as Florida" are injected with a "piece" of Arctic air, not just ice chunks breaking off of glaciers (that is a different story).

Sometimes over the years Miami has been colder than some places in Alaska or Canada for a short time until the warm air surrounding that "broken off" arctic air warms that arctic coldness up (because: "hot flows to cold" is one effect of the second law of thermodynamics).

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Chemical pollutants are killing us within and way up north too ...

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