Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mysterious Zones of The Arctic - 4

Fig. 1 Arctic Sea Ice Extent Acceleration?
While the search for green icebergs continued apace (Mystery of Green Icebergs May Soon Be Solved) something unusual took place in the Arctic (Fig. 1).

When I first noticed it a few days ago, only the tiny beginning of the sharp downward-to-the-right line was visible.

It was shaped like the peak of a roof at that time.

It continued for a couple of days, so I wondered if the satellite had another failure as it had twice before (once in 2009 and again a few years ago; they found a work-around both times).

I waited until there was an upward change in direction, then waited until today, thinking that maybe this is real and not an equipment failure.

I can't tell from the pictures of the ice that anything catastrophic has happened, so I stopped thinking that it might have been the radical change in the Beaufort Gyre scientists have been waiting for (Mysterious Zones of The Arctic, 2, 3).

Any ideas?

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