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Antarctica's Glaciers by Ocean Area and WOD Zone

Fig. 1 Antarctica's "A" through "F" areas
Sometimes the number of glaciers in Antarctica is not grasped because only the large ones are talked about.

In a previous post I mapped out six areas that were set forth in a recent paper that concerned the speed at which glaciers were moving toward the ocean (see link @ Fig. 1).

The authors of that paper mentioned that they had analyzed satellite photos of a lot of Antarctica's glaciers in order to calculate their movement to the coast.

In today's post I literally link to about five hundred glaciers in those six areas.

Not only that, I also organize them according to the ocean area, and the WOD Zone where they are located.

The recent post linked to in Fig. 1 details the water temperatures (CT) that are melting those glaciers as they come in contact with the tide waters of the Southern Ocean.

The point is that I have to do a lot of scientific work and analysis to present these blog posts to Dredd Blog readers.

If any of them are misplaced let me know.


Antarctica's Glaciers by Ocean Area and WOD Zone

West Indian Ocean

WOD Zone [3604]
Akebono Glacier, Assender Glacier, Ichime Glacier, Kichenside Glacier, Rayner Glacier, Shinnan Glacier

WOD Zone [3605]
Auster Glacier, Beaver Glacier (Enderby Land), Rippon Glacier, Robert Glacier, Seaton Glacier, Wilma Glacier

WOD Zone [3606]
Utstikkar Glacier

WOD Zone [3700]
Austreskorve Glacier, Ising Glacier, Jutulstraumen Glacier, Sandhøhallet Glacier, Sigyn Glacier, Skåebreen, Tønnesen Glacier, Vestreskorve Glacier

WOD Zone [3701]
Altarduken Glacier, Anuchin Glacier, Asimutbreen Glacier, Barkov Glacier

WOD Zone [3702]
Gillock Glacier

East Indian Ocean

WOD Zone [3607]
Il Polo Glacier, Polar Times Glacier, Polarårboken Glacier, Sørsdal Glacier

WOD Zone [3608]
Posadowsky Glacier (Antarctica)

WOD Zone [3609]
Burton Island Glacier, Denman Glacier, Northcliffe Glacier

WOD Zone [3610]
Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land), Apfel Glacier, Scott Glacier (East Antarctica), Underwood Glacier

WOD Zone [3611]
Gilchrist Glacier, Totten Glacier, Vanderford Glacier

WOD Zone [3612]
Frost Glacier

WOD Zone [3613]
Astrolabe Glacier, Barre Glacier, Dibble Glacier

WOD Zone [3614]
Mertz Glacier, Ninnis Glacier, Zelee Glacier

WOD Zone [3615]
Noll Glacier

Ross Sea

WOD Zone [3716]
Adams Glacier (Victoria Land), Aeronaut Glacier, Aiken Glacier, Alberich Glacier, Albrecht Penck Glacier, Allison Glacier (Antarctica), Alvarez Glacier, Amos Glacier, Amphitheatre Glacier, Anderton Glacier, Ant Hill Glacier, Anu Whakatoro Glacier, Argonaut Glacier, Arruiz Glacier, Astakhov Glacier, Astapenko Glacier, Astronaut Glacier, Atka Glacier, Atkinson Glacier, Aurora Glacier (Antarctica), Aviator Glacier, Backstairs Passage Glacier, Baker Glacier, Ball Glacier (Victoria Land), Barber Glacier, Barne Glacier, Barnett Glacier, Baronick Glacier, Bartley Glacier, Bates Glacier, Baxter Glacier, Beaman Glacier, Blankenship Glacier, Borchgrevink Glacier, Canada Glacier, Clarke Glacier (Victoria Land), Co-pilot Glacier, Commonwealth Glacier, Coulston Glacier, Crescent Glacier (Antarctica), Crume Glacier, Dale Glacier, David Glacier, Debenham Glacier, Decker Glacier, Deming Glacier, Dennistoun Glacier, Ebbe Glacier, Emmanuel Glacier, Endeavour Piedmont Glacier, Erebus Glacier, Falkner Glacier, Ferrar Glacier, Finley Glacier, Fitch Glacier, Gair Glacier, Garwood Glacier, Greenwell Glacier, Haffner Glacier, Helfferich Glacier, Icebreaker Glacier, Ironside Glacier, Irving Glacier (Antarctica), Irwin Glacier, Kirkby Glacier, Koettlitz Glacier, Lillie Glacier, Lovejoy Glacier, Marchant Glacier, Marchetti Glacier, Marin Glacier, Mariner Glacier, Meander Glacier, Nash Glacier, Newall Glacier, Northwind Glacier, Oakley Glacier, O'Hara Glacier, Pilot Glacier, Priddy Glacier, Priestley Glacier, Pryor Glacier, PūBanu Glacier, Rennick Glacier, Robson Glacier (Antarctica), Shark Fin Glacier, Sharpend Glacier, Sheehan Glacier, Shell Glacier, Shipley Glacier, Shoemaker Glacier, Simpson Glacier, Skelton Glacier, Suess Glacier, Suter Glacier, Taylor Glacier, Telemeter Glacier, Tucker Glacier, Vacchi Piedmont Glacier, Vereyken Glacier, Wirdnam Glacier, Wright Lower Glacier, Zenith Glacier, Zetland Glacier, Zoller Glacier, Zykov Glacier

WOD Zone [3717]
Arneb Glacier, Bornmann Glacier, Bridgman Glacier

Amundsen Sea

WOD Zone [5711]
Beakley Glacier, Kohler Glacier, McClinton Glacier, Simmons Glacier, Smith Glacier, Yoder Glacier, Zuniga Glacier

WOD Zone [5713]
Berry Glacier, Clarke Glacier (Marie Byrd Land), DeVicq Glacier, Jacoby Glacier, Shuman Glacier, Venzke Glacier

WOD Zone [5714]
Anandakrishnan Glacier, Arthur Glacier, Balchen Glacier, Crevasse Valley Glacier, El-Sayed Glacier, Hammond Glacier, Jacobel Glacier, Land Glacier, MacAyeal Ice Stream, Siemiatkowski Glacier

Bellingshausen Sea

WOD Zone [5606]
Aagaard Glacier, Agalina Glacier, Ahlmann Glacier, Airy Glacier, Alberts Glacier, Altimir Glacier, Ambergris Glacier, Antevs Glacier, Anthony Glacier, Aphrodite Glacier, Apollo Glacier, Arago Glacier, Archer Glacier, Argentina Glacier, Armira Glacier, Astudillo Glacier, Athene Glacier, Attlee Glacier, Avsyuk Glacier, Bader Glacier, Bagshawe Glacier, Balch Glacier, Barnes Glacier, Bayly Glacier, Beaglehole Glacier, Berkovitsa Glacier, Bistra Glacier, Bolton Glacier, Boyana Glacier, Bozhinov Glacier, Butamya Glacier, Chernomen Glacier, Chumerna Glacier, Chuprene Glacier, Clarke Glacier (Graham Land), Dalgopol Glacier, Debelt Glacier, Dimkov Glacier, Djerassi Glacier, Dragoman Glacier, Drygalski Glacier (Antarctica), Finsterwalder Glacier, Flask Glacier, Franca Glacier, Gramada Glacier, Grigorov Glacier, Haefeli Glacier, Ice Gate Glacier, Iliad Glacier, Kaliakra Glacier, Kamchiya Glacier, Kleptuza Glacier, Kolosh Glacier, Kongur Glacier, Krapets Glacier, Krivodol Glacier, Landreth Glacier, Lawrie Glacier, Leonardo Glacier, Leppard Glacier, Letnitsa Glacier, Lewis Glacier (Antarctica), Lipen Glacier, Lliboutry Glacier, Lurabee Glacier, Martin Glacier, Medven Glacier, Mitev Glacier, Muldava Glacier, Nadjakov Glacier, Nesla Glacier, Northeast Glacier, Nueve de Julio Glacier, Ovech Glacier, Panega Glacier, Pashuk Glacier, Pastra Glacier, Perunika Glacier, Peshtera Glacier, Pimpirev Glacier, Pirin Glacier, Pirogov Glacier, Poduene Glacier, Prespa Glacier, Prospect Glacier, Quartermain Glacier, Renaud Glacier, Rhesus Glacier, Rose Valley Glacier, Rupite Glacier, Rusalka Glacier, Samodiva Glacier, Saparevo Glacier, Sedgwick Glacier, Shambles Glacier, Sharp Glacier, Sheldon Glacier, Shoesmith Glacier, Sigmen Glacier, Sikorsky Glacier, Škorpil Glacier, Sölch Glacier, Solun Glacier, Srebarna Glacier, Struma Glacier, Suárez Glacier, Sunfix Glacier, Talev Glacier, Thamyris Glacier, Toynbee Glacier, Tumble Glacier, Tundzha Glacier, Urdoviza Glacier, Verila Glacier, Vetrino Glacier, Vidbol Glacier, Wager Glacier, Yablanitsa Glacier, Zephyr Glacier, Zimzelen Glacier, Zonda Glacier

WOD Zone [5607]
Bartok Glacier, Bishop glacier, Clarsach Glacier, Coulter Glacier, Delius Glacier, Foreman Glacier, Gerontius Glacier, Gilbert Glacier, Hampton Glacier, Iliev Glacier, Lennon Glacier, McManus Glacier, Mikado Glacier, Moran Glacier, Narechen Glacier, Palestrina Glacier, Paulus Glacier, Rosselin Glacier, Sibelius Glacier, Siegfried Glacier, Sullivan Glacier, Walter Glacier, Wubbold Glacier, Yozola Glacier

WOD Zone [5706]
Armstrong Glacier, Barcus Glacier, Eros Glacier, Gain Glacier, Grotto Glacier, Irvine Glacier, Jupiter Glacier, Ketchum Glacier, Mars Glacier, Mercury Glacier, Neptune Glacier, Pluto Glacier, Saturn Glacier, Shabica Glacier, Transition Glacier, Trench Glacier, Ueda Glacier, Uranus Glacier, Utopia Glacier, Venus Glacier, Vivaldi Glacier, Wetmore Glacier, Yates Glacier

WOD Zone [5707]
Alyabiev Glacier, Arensky Glacier, Asafiev Glacier, Evans Ice Stream, Holoviak Glacier, Hushen Glacier, Rachmaninoff Glacier, Reuning Glacier, Varlamov Glacier

WOD Zone [5708]
Ahrnsbrak Glacier, Arapya Glacier, Balish Glacier, Bolgrad Glacier, Branscomb Glacier, Carey Glacier, Dater Glacier, Driscoll Glacier, Ellen Glacier, Embree Glacier, Fendorf Glacier, Flanagan Glacier, Minnesota Glacier, Newcomer Glacier, Nimitz Glacier, Obelya Glacier, Remington Glacier, Roché Glacier, Rumyana Glacier, Rutford Ice Stream, Schneider Glacier, Sirma Glacier, Thomas Glacier, Union Glacier, Williams Ice Stream, Young Glacier

WOD Zone [5709]
Exum Glacier, Gopher Glacier, Haskell Glacier, Long Glacier, Pelter Glacier, Pine Island Glacier, Sikorski Glacier, Walk Glacier, Zinberg Glacier

WOD Zone [5710]
Acosta Glacier, Cox Glacier, Hale Glacier, Isbrecht Glacier, Myers Glacier, Thwaites Glacier

Weddell Sea

WOD Zone [5601]
Crane Glacier

WOD Zone [5604]
Laws Glacier

WOD Zone [5605]
Aitkenhead Glacier, Albone Glacier, Andrew Glacier, Anna Glacier, Arena Glacier, Baranowski Glacier, Dinsmoor Glacier, Dobrudzha Glacier, Endurance Glacier, Fuerza Aérea Glacier, Ineson Glacier, Iskar Glacier, Kasabova Glacier, Magura Glacier, Malorad Glacier, Murgash Glacier, Musala Glacier, Ogoya Glacier, Pautalia Glacier, Quito Glacier, Ropotamo Glacier, Sabine Glacier, Sestrimo Glacier, Strandzha Glacier, Targovishte Glacier, Teteven Glacier, Wulfila Glacier, Yakoruda Glacier, Zheravna Glacier,

WOD Zone [5700]
Aster Glacier, Balakirev Glacier, Schytt Glacier

WOD Zone [5701]
Bachtold Glacier, Stancomb-Wills Glacier, Veststraumen Glacier

WOD Zone [5702]
Bailey Ice Stream, Hayes Glacier, Slessor Glacier

WOD Zone [5703]
Penck Glacier, Schweitzer Glacier

WOD Zone [5705]
Böhnecke Glacier

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