Thursday, May 25, 2017

The World According To Measurements - 4

Fig. 1
I am showing you a graph generated by the beta module using the TEOS-10 library (Fig. 1).

Regular readers will remember that the WOD data only went back to about 1966.

So, to compare GISS and PSMSL data, which go back to the 1800's, I needed to write procedures and/or functions to reverse engineer those expectations (the future in reverse if you will).

Pane One (upper left) shows actual GISS "surface" temperature anomalies going back to 1880, and Pane Two (upper right) shows the same for the PSMSL world.

Pane Three (lower left) and Pane Four (lower right) are projections into the past, back to 1880, based on measurements we have going back to 1966.

I had some guidance on Pane Three, which was oceanography data indicating that the upper 700m of the ocean indicates a 0.10 deg. C increase in that shallow layer during that time frame (that pane shows a 0.45791 deg. C for the entire ocean depths).

The other module will be finished tomorrow, so long as the ongoing party ends by then.

See also (On The Origin of Ghost Heat & Temperature, 2).

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