Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Exceptional American Denial - 2

Whistleblowers According To The Early Americans - 2

The session in today's video had no teleprompters, notes, or other backup.

Just people whose professions are in the scientific realm, whose careers are notable.

They express their nervousness, their worries, and some startling facts about our world today.

I was a "video student" of Naomi Oreskes back when she was a professor at the University of Southern California, before she became one of the faculty at Harvard (The Exceptional American Denial).

And Dr. Chu has been featured on Dredd Blog too (California Dying, Not Dreaming - 2).

They both have very informative facts for your perusal today.


  1. Thanks Dredd!
    So nice to listen to sincere, intelligent folk unpack their messages. Such a contrast to pollies, corporatists and all those whose life work (and being) comes down to chasing ROI, ROE and 'wealth building' at all costs.

    The latter try and conceal the required guile they must employ to achieve their objectives but the desperation they feel and broadcast grows more prominent by the day.

    The shrill mantra of growth and consumption and 'getting ahead', while still the objective of many worldwide, will eventually only be left to the entirely psychotic as 'voices' that only they will hear.

    PS loved the disc @ ~ 1:00 on the conservation of energy, the Gulf Of Mex and the gradual nature of developments. A good example of 'Earth' years as opposed to 'financial' years which currently dominate us all.

    1. Mark,

      We will all have to hang together these upcoming years of increased news suppressions.

      It is the best way to avoid hanging separately.

  2. The president everyone thinks did great gets a 'D' on his climate change actions:

    "How would you judge President Obama's legacy on climate change? I would give him a D." - Dr. James Hansen (Rolling Stone)

    The difference between a 'D' (Obama) and an 'F' (Trump) is awareness.

    The unaware think that Obama got an 'A' and Trump also gets an 'A' (We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident).

    The aware would give Obama a 'D' and Trump an 'F' so far.

    I am reminded of Tenacious D