Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Believe In Abrupt Sea Level Change - Know About It - 4

Koch Brothers celebrate @ Davy Jones' Locker
I. Background

Today's post will concern two videos that are related, yet quite different.

The two videos span the distance between all out acceptance and all out official resistance to scientific discovery.

As the post proceeds, I will tie the videos and the science together, which will be quite revealing in more ways than one.

II. Videos

In the first video, Dr. Fleming talks about many now-under-the-sea-city archeology sites around the world.

In the second video, one of the authors of the mythical sea level rise projections of the IPCC Fifth Assessment, explains that the projections for sea level are so low because East Antarctica is such a stalwart fortress against melting.

I call that a myth because that is what it is, an official myth oozing out from the Koch and ExxonMobil engendered fears harbored by the science-management crowd at many universities.

As Dr. Chambers was writing down the myth in the IPCC report, East Antarctica was already melting but he didn't want to be aware of it (Don't Believe In Abrupt Sea Level Change - Know About It - 3).

Other than that erroneous assertion about East Antarctica, his lecture had many salient points in it (see if you recognize them).

III. Conclusion

The first video is surprising, the second is a chronicle of an overly timid appraisal of the real conditions in the cryosphere.

That is because of what is written in the erroneous textbooks which must be replaced (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 21; Soupy Sales & Evolutionary Tales).

The relevant subject matter was covered in the previous post of this series, but there were no videos used in that post with which to visually engage in the subject matter.

The previous post of this series is here.

What were they thinking as they were sinking?

They were IPCC-thinking as they were sinking ...

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