Sunday, February 21, 2016

It Is A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood

Man, I am excited.

Here in the lab, things are cool, after coming inside from the high 70's and low 80's while doing more gardening.

The two vegetable gardens are primed with new life in the form of seedlings of all sorts.

Some of the flower beds are invigorated.

The birds are singing as they feast on some of the suet and seed stations, a.k.a. feeders.

The cats all have new necklaces, a.k.a. collars.

The Dredd Blog editor edited all of the garden work.

Speaking of stations.

I completed the downloading and preliminary implementing of the GISS databases.

They are now located within the Dredd Blog SQL database system.

Man, over a million months of weather data, geological, and flora data about those stations.

To be exact, there are 4,813,380 monthly GISS temperature records within 401,115 annual temperature records at 7,364 weather stations.

The really neato part is that I have associated them with the Dredd Blog Zone, quadrant, and sub-quadrant system.

So now I can fuse them with the tide gauge stations and seaports within a small area, and graph the sea level change, temperatures, and the impact those have on seaports in that area over the years.

You know, something like Zone XX.YY.ZZ has ### weather stations, ### tide gauge stations, and ### seaports ... AND this is what the temperature, sea level, and ports have been doing since dirt was invented.

Anyway, I will write more after breakfast.

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