Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Extinction of Chesapeake Bay Islands

Did God do this?
The Dredd Blog series on extinction of U.S.eh? coastal cities and sea ports draws gasps.

People wonder who could do such a thing to the "city on a hill" that brings "peace and light" to the world.

As I have written, one side explains the long-ongoing scientific subject matter by saying that a certain addiction is at the oil base of it.

"Oil-Qaeda" means "the oil base," which is the private empire that created and now perpetuates civilization's addiction to fossil fuels (MOMCOM: The Private Parts, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Since circa the late 1800's Oil-Qaeda has been the source of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), induced by those fossil fuels that are in, on, around, and through us (A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA - 2).
Modern Engineering Feats

Fossil fuels, their premier product line, is said to generate green house gases (GHG) when burned.

The other side says that God, through Barbara Streisand (yes for real), is doing it just because "He is still on His throne"  (Evangelist / Senator Inhofe).

Choose your side of the coin, but either way you choose, melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, as well as melting glaciers in various mountain locales, are the means to the end.

Strong but vulnerable
The end we call extinction (The Extinction of Charleston, ... Philadelphia, ... Washington, D.C., ... Robust Sea Ports, ... Boston, ... Miami, ... Manzanillo, ... Houston).

The situation is not theoretical on Tangier, one of many disappearing Islands in Chesapeake Bay.

Soon enough, it too will become another one on the list of thirteen or so islands that have already gone under the Chesapeake Bay.

They are gone due to sea level rise (SLR):
Noah Bradshaw knows what the rising waters of the Chesapeake Bay can do to a community.

The 68-year-old city inspector grew up in a house in town that had been moved from nearby Holland Island a century ago.
Bay Bridge: Access point inundation by SLR

“Holland Island is gone,” Bradshaw said. “It’s underwater.”

The last house disappeared into the bay two years ago, marking the demise of an island once 5 miles long and home to a fishing community of 300 residents.

Now, rising sea levels and sinking land, the same forces that doomed the island, threaten Crisfield, its seafood industry and its 2,710 residents. And a newly discovered tidal pattern puts them in greater peril than previously known.

“This is our home, and eventually, this will be underwater,” said Bradshaw, a bespectacled, balding man with a white beard. “We know that, because the sea level is rising.”
(Sea level, sinking land). Like everywhere else on the east coast, SLR puts Maryland’s waterfront shoreline and island communities at risk.

At risk yesterday:
"the high water isn't just coming. It's already here"
the edge. One skid off the road puts a car in a marsh. Parking in the wrong place during the wrong arc of a tide cycle can lead to a flooded car. Water that used to just graze residents' yards now comes up to the porches; it's just a matter of time, they know, before it comes into the houses.

Here, in the land of narrow marshes and proud working waterfront towns, the high water isn't just coming. It's already here.
And more high water is coming. A scientific panel concluded in 2013 that sea level on Maryland's coasts is likely to rise over the next century by 3.7 feet and as much as 5.7 feet.
(Chesapeake Quarterly). Do you think, like Senator Inhofe and his cadre of deniers, that "God is punishing these people," and if so punishing them for what?

That is a strange view of "God is Love," a strange view which some Texans also have:
"Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love."
(Butch Hancock). My view is that Oil-Qaeda is the villain who is responsible for AGW and SLR (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment).

A view which is gaining some official traction lately  (Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder- 2).

BTW, a previous post also discussed the Chesapeake Bay area (Will This Float Your Boat - 10).