Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Barry & Oil-Qaeda vs Arctic Wilderness - 2

The Drilling Goes Viral

This series has been about the folly of the Obama Administration's concept for their "planned" Arctic drilling.

Add to that the admin's folly of subjecting itself to Oil-Qaeda.

It is a plan that will rape and pillage the Arctic Environment of the Earth in the pursuit of the poison that they know is destroying civilization (Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder, Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

While they do this, they claim to be climate change believers, but at the same time they are the driving force of "drill baby drill" psychopathology of the pathogenic toxin producers.

In other words, a psychopathic hypocrisy is their overarching policy, while they want to be
"I said hard a starboard"
seen as cool climate change dudes and dudettes.

The first post in this series detailed the results of their first attempt to implement the policy folly (Barry & Oil-Qaeda vs Arctic Wilderness), which of course ended in a disaster.

But, at least the disaster was not an environmental disaster of any great proportion, because they only had to make an emergency exit from the Arctic, and an emergency grounding on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska.

It was a policy disaster as well as being a policy of psychopaths (When You Are Governed By Psychopaths, 2, 3, 4).

All of the studies, drilling on site, recording of dangers lurking in the deep, and printing and storing of the scientific data did not prevent the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history (Saga of Deepwater Horizon Continues).

Worse Than Deepwater Horizon Pathology

In the years that led up to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, which we will never recover from, at least there were serious studies with which to ascertain the dangers involved in deep water drilling there:
That research focused on the dangers inherent in the deepwater drilling in the GOM as a result of methane hydrates commonly found there, including substantial analysis of various sorts (the index is 163 pages):
NOTE: This document contains a listing of all published reports and professional presentations relating to work supported by DOE’s Methane Hydrates R&D program. While many of these reports are “shared” publications, with support being obtained from several funding sources, we have endeavored to include only those reports in which the DOE's contribution was meaningful and substantial.
(Index To Research Papers,  page 163 [Wayback Machine copy, they "lost" it]). We could spend years reviewing all the material, so I chose to focus on only a few issues, issues related directly to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.
(Danger Lurks In The Deep Water, cf. 2, 3). Of course you may be thinking, "it is a no brainer" to study-up before venturing into danger.

But the permitted Arctic drilling is being done without any studies I know of specifically on the bottom of the Chukchi Sea, where Shell Oil is being allowed to drill again.

The studies I know of have been done on the North Slope, on land, and perhaps shallow water near shore (USGS, Hydrate Resources on the North Slope).

So, "hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go" in a potential mine field.

Other Dangers At Sea Level Are Still There

The reason Shell Oil abandoned the drilling attempt a couple of years ago was because of an ice attack.

Yes, "old ice" formations moved in threatening to assault the drilling rig, so they had to get out of there pronto.

This is still a grave danger to ships of any kind, including oil drilling rigs or even ice breakers.

Other dangers are large waves that have not been seen before (Swelling Waves Could Hasten Demise of Arctic Sea Ice).


I will have to keep it short today.

But I will keep an eye on the developments, hoping against hope that they will come to their senses.

UPDATE: Shell poison rig leaves Seattle (Guardian).

The previous post in this series is here.

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  1. [too late for hope]

    Gulf Stream brings ever warmer water into Arctic Ocean

    [ends with]

    These spots where warm water comes to the surface give an indication of how high temperatures of the water are below the surface. As more than 90% of the extra heat caused by people's emissions continues to go into oceans, ever warmer water will be carried by the Gulf Stream into the Arctic Ocean, with the danger that this will warm up sediments under the Arctic Ocean seafloor, triggering huge methane eruptions with gigantic warming potential.

    The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan.