Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 41

Al Bedo meets Al Gore
Is this year, next year, or the year after, that year when the Arctic Ocean loses the main defense it has against losing its personality?

It has a reputation and personality of being a polar ice cap now.

Chances are it will have on a blue beanie cap sooner than later.

The MacKenzie River, which flows into the Arctic Ocean, had a temperature of 80.1 deg. F. (26,7 deg. C) on May 12 of this year (Mackenzie River Warming), and is known to impact that area (AGU Publications, or here).

The Bering Sea, between Alaska and Russia (see Fig. 1; @ 12 O'clock  click to enlarge), has been having a reputation and personality change too (NOAA, Bering Climate).

Those warming waters of the Bering Sea flow into the Arctic Ocean along with waters
Fig. 1 Arctc Ocean Area
from "The Blob"  (New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II - 9, The Question Is: How Much Acceleration Is Involved In SLR? - 4).

All of this is changing the reputation and personality of the Arctic Ocean.

Next comes the era when it loses its albedo, totally loses its personality as a sunlight reflecting ice mass with reflecting ability up the wazoo, to become neo-Arctc.

This neo-Arctic absorbs sunlight, warms more than ever, loses its reputation because it is no longer the ice cap it once was.

But worst of all, it then begins to take it out on its neighbors, by releasing that warmth into the ocean currents that flow south  to warm the coasts of Greenland (The Question Is: How Much Acceleration Is Involved In SLR? - 4).

The neo-Mackenzie River will be teaming up with the neo-Arctic to change the reputation and personality of Greenland.

Which will change the reputation and personality of the U.S. East Coast, which will no longer be a mighty power fending off all invaders, except neo-Wookie cave-men (Why The Military Can't Defend Against The Invasion).

It is part of the One Percent's neo-Economics plan, whom along with their puppet gummit, are doing everything they can to make it a killer (Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder), take it to the bank, endless, array of jobs (Will This Float Your Boat - 9).

Aren't we proud of them?


  1. dredd, I just learned a few days ago about the seriousness of the MacKenzie River dumping more killer heat into the Beaufort Sea.

    It won't be long, but hell is coming; & it is too ghastly to even imagine.

    Heroin could be in great demand.

    Larry Summers may have already invested - privately.

  2. Oil-Qaeda operatives are ver busy deciding who gets jobs and who doesn't (link).