Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Night

Eye Con
by Dredd

oil eyes are on the mother prize
oil lies ooze through propaganda lips
hopium stained teeth glisten in a darkness
as the patient gazes again through 
smogs of dense atmospheres;

children play war games 
in the pantry
where plastic elastic Saran
wraps culinary mysteries
with garbled wisdom from Keratin;


we orate on the dying patient
a la heaven is our reward
we illiterately slice a literate mother
we industrially trash Earth One
to dutifully kill our only here;

we stick another hypoderrick 
into her heart
grok-attach another leech
to let out the dark blood 
in another empire of woe;
flowing madly flowing madly
the nowheres of minds
are singing no songs
while prancing in all trances
to grok reprobate cognition;


mistakes of exponential error
stick with oozing terror harmony
(Earth Night Stamps sell out
Earth Night Cards erase the trees)
on the way to a funeral;
in the eye candy cathedral
full of eye con poison
driving on winding lanes
 of poof
we flee until we vanish.

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