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Blind Willie McTell News - 5

Post @12/26/11
When I wrote the first post of this series years ago, it included a photo of Brian Williams.

He was no different than his peers in his McTell News reporting, in the sense that all of Main Stream Media (MSM) is a word and picture machine designed to put a cultural patina in place.

The MSM is like play-pretend for little kids ("Thankfully, kids are hardwired to play pretend. In fact, in a recent Motherboard Moms poll nearly 75 percent of moms said their preschoolers engage in make-believe activities every day." -Let's Play Pretend!, Parents dot com) who become sentient within an existing, controlling, guiding culture.

Little kids become adults who will have grown up to become far more sophisticated with their cognitive play pretend machinations than they were as children (The Matriarch of The Matrix, 2, 3).

Dredd Blog has pointed out for a long time that the MSM is a vast multi-billion dollar industry designed to keep us play pretending about what our culture really is, and is doing (The Deceit Business).

And that is why citizens who want to know what is in the matrix must choose (Choose Your Trances Carefully).

The MSM lackies are reading from an Epigovernment generated cold war script lately, because the terrorist-propaganda trance they generated is weakening:
The original falsehood behind the Iraq War was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and intended to use them against America either directly or by giving them to al-Qaeda. The opening lie about the Ukraine crisis was that Russian President Vladimir Putin instigated the conflict as part of some Hitlerian plan to conquer much of Europe.

Yet, while the Hussein-WMD claim was hard for the common citizen to assess because it was supposedly supported by U.S. intelligence information that was kept secret, the Putin-Ukraine lie collapses under the most cursory examination based simply of what’s publicly known and what makes sense.

Nevertheless, the New York Times – much as it did when it was falsely reporting breathlessly about “aluminum tubes” for Iraq’s non-existent nuclear weapons program – continues to promote U.S. government propaganda about Ukraine as fact and dismisses any rational assessment of the situation as crazy.

On Friday, the Times concluded its lead editorial with the assertion that: “What remains incontrovertible is that Ukraine is Mr. Putin’s war.” But the point is anything but “incontrovertible.” Indeed, the crisis was most certainly not instigated by Putin.

The actually “incontrovertible” facts about the Ukraine crisis are these: The destabilization of President Viktor Yanukovych’s elected government began in November 2013 when Yanukovych balked at a proposed association agreement promoted by the European Union. He sought more time after the sticker shock of learning from Kiev economic experts that the deal would cost Ukraine $160 billion in lost revenue by cutting trade with Russia.

It was German Chancellor Angela Merkel [goaded by other NATO/EU/US leaders], not Vladimir Putin, who pushed the EU agreement and miscalculated the consequences, as the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel has reported. Putin’s only role in that time frame was to offer a more generous $15 billion aid package to Ukraine, not exactly a war-like act.
(The Putin-Did-It Conspiracy Theory). Furthermore, the President indicated, in his State of the Union Speech to Congress (SOTU), that the Pentagon had informed him that the greatest threat to national security is global warming induced climate change.

Thus, Pentagon military scientists are in accord with 97% of civilian climate scientists (Has The Navy Fallen For The Greatest Hoax?) as are the courts (Have Courts Fallen For The Greatest Hoax?).

Nevertheless, Brian Williams @ McTell News put on just about 25 minutes of news about climate change in the past year (see video below), compared to hundreds of hours of news about terrorism being the greatest threat.

In other words, "majoring in the minors" as it were:
It seems climate change remains one potentially world-shattering issue that just can't get any respect on television. No Sunday morning show except MSNBC's "Up" so much as mentioned climate change, or the march, save for one stray reference on "This Week" by The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel. She pointed out that the march was actually gathering right outside the ABC studios in Lincoln Center where the show is taped.

"NBC Nightly News" was the only evening news show to do any segment on the march. (ABC devoted about 23 seconds to the topic in its evening show, and CBS spent exactly zero seconds on it.) Cable news, with the exception of Al Jazeera America, mostly looked the other way, besides a couple of segments on CNN and MSNBC.
(Huffington Post, cf. this, this, and this). Let's face it, this is the denial behavior of a suicide-murder cult (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Real Time with Bill Maher @2:30: "NBC news spent 25 minutes all year on the most important issue of our time ... this is journalistic malpractice" (25 min. per yr. is about 1/2 of 1% of weekday evening news time):

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