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Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch - 7

Insanity First:  a Nutter Tale
I. Introduction

As Dredd Blog has noted on occasion, and as have others, there are two ongoing activities of our cultures that are currently threatening the very existence of "civilization" (definition: What Do You Mean - World Civilization?, Confusing "Civilization" With "Species").

These, and any others that are validly related (e.g. The Criminally Insane Epoch: The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises) can be placed into the category "Sixth Mass Extinction" or "Anthropocene" (We Are Riding Out The Sixth Mass Extinction?).

This is considered to be "suicide" (see post title) or omnicide in the sense that it is or was preventable.

The Sixth Mass Extinction (6th Mass Extinction Documentation) began with the Industrial Revolution (The Death Juice of The Worried Revolution), followed some years later by the subsequent Petroleum Revolution (Petroleum Civilization: The Final Chapter (Confusing Life with Death)).

II. Two First Strikes (This is not baseball)

A. The First First Strike

It was the Petroleum Revolution that ended up being the First Strike in the war against the Earth's Life Systems (The Peak of Sanity - 3).

Many government reports, together with many scientific reports, indicate that if unabated, this environmental first strike has the power to destroy civilization (Government Climate Change Report, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

It is already affecting millions of people around the globe, including some in the largest cities, in ways that are changing public planning already:
Climate change is already impacting New York City with rising temperatures
A rising sea floods all coastal cities
and sea levels, which will only worsen as the century continues, according to a report released Tuesday from a panel of scientific experts.

In its 2015 report, the New York City Panel on Climate Change found that the most populous city in the United States is expected to see more frequent heat waves and extreme precipitation events. This is in line with the national and international trends other leading scientific bodies have observed.

Projections [understimates] for sea level rise in New York City are 11 to 21 inches by the 2050s, 18 to 39 inches by the 2080s, and could reach as high as 6 feet by 2100.
(Sea Level Rise NYC, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences). This is similar to Miami, Florida, which is already flooding too:
You don’t have to look 85 years into the future to see what a sinking world looks like—you only need to look as far as Miami.

Climate scientists have been warning the world about sea level rise for years, pleading with governments to cut back on carbon lest all our coastal cities go the way of Venice. In 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its fifth Assessment Report, predicting that oceans would rise more than 3 feet by 2100. Those projections make for some alarming visions of the future—cities water-logged, monuments submerged, islands created.
(Rising Sea Levels Are Already Making Miami’s Floods Worse). There are some projection photos, graphics, and "alarming visions" available (New Meaning Given to Deepwater Horizon).

B. The Second First Strike

The other First Strike is the initiation of nuclear war under the recent madness-engendered false belief that a nuclear war can be "won" (Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch - 2).

The book "Striking First," depicted in the graphic at the top of today's post, as well as in this paper (Striking First, PDF), provide the general concept.

Historically, this was rejected by Bush I but was, not surprisingly, embraced by Bush II (cf. Bush Doctrine, Wolfowitz doctrine).

Surprisingly, to liberals anyway, the doctrine is also embraced by the Obama Administration (Obama Doctrine) with some modifications.

The Russians have picked up on this, and are being urged by their neoCons to implement the first strike dogma too (Russia Doctrine).

III. One Strike And You Are Out (this is not a game)

The ongoing environmental first strike is showing us that we have the power to destroy international cities, international ports, international infrastructure, international food ecosystems, international forest ecosystems, international ocean ecosystems, and the global climate system (we are already way into doing so).

In other words, we are at this moment actively destroying the things that make possible, and support, our global civilization.

Since this post is long enough already, I won't address why the Epigovernment and its government minions want to add another first strike (nuclear attack) to their death-wish list.

That must be left to the psychiatrists for now (but if you must read some psychoanalysis of it, see MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact - 5).

IV. Conclusion

Any individual or group doing this to themselves would be seen as wittingly or unwittingly killing themselves by way of a conscious or unconscious murder-suicide pact (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Our global culture, as well as our local cultures, can't seem to allow us to grasp that horrid notion.

That is because of the trances our cultures generate for us to grow up in, and to eventually make our own (Choose Your Trances Carefully, 2).

If only the only whores of civilization were simple male and female street walkers doing so because of their survival struggles during personal economic problems.

But, that unfortunately is not the case (The War Whores Ride The War Horse - 2).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Noam Chomsky addresses the issue:


  1. psychopaths . . . waddiya gonna do? . . .

    Scientists unveil map of 'epigenome,' a second genetic code


    Scientists for the first time have mapped out the molecular "switches" that can turn on or silence individual genes in the DNA in more than 100 types of human cells, an accomplishment that reveals the complexity of genetic information and the challenges of interpreting it.

    Researchers unveiled the map of the "epigenome" in the journal Nature on Wednesday, alongside nearly two dozen related papers.


  2. Interesting find.

    Some of the corps are suspect, but the epigenetics is real.

    This statement in the article, which I do not attribute to the scientists who did the study you linked to, but rather to cultural myth and shallow science writers: "The human genome is the sequence of all the DNA on chromosomes. The DNA is identical in every cell, from neurons to hearts to skin."

    That is false according to studies linked to in this post (On The Origin of Genieology)

    Science writers / reporters don't always read as widely as they need to.

    Plus, always suspect, to some degree, when they leave out the human microbiome which is some 98% of the genome in and on us.

    Thanks for sharing new info.

    I like it.

    And keep up your good work bro.

  3. Here's some more:


    For the first time, scientists have mapped out the molecular "switches" that can turn on - or off - individual genes in the DNA in more than 100 types of human cells.


    1. Tom,

      Are you learning from all this?

      Dredd provided a test in the latest post today.

      See the video at the bottom: "See if you can pick out some of the errors in this video, which is ~99% correct:"

    2. i hope so, Randy, that's why i brought this stuff up - i'd never heard of it when i was in school, so it's new and interesting to me. Thanks for askin'!

      Questions come to mind though - like what's driving this? Do we call it Life, Evolution, Quantum Mechanics or God? It's not human will or anything we 'control' (as if we control anything). After i read some more we can all have a discussion if you wish.

      All the best Randy!