Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grand Jury Indictment In Eric Garner Killing

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The guy who filmed the cops murdering Eric Garner was indicted by a grand jury even though the killers were not (Grand Jury Indictment In Eric Garner Killing).

This is a similar pattern to the Los Angeles area Rampart Division scandal.

In that case when the City Counsel saw the evidence, they consented to the feds taking over and cleaning up the joint:
The Los Angeles City Council voted 10 to 2 to accept a consent decree allowing a federal judge acting on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice to oversee and monitor reforms within the L.A.P.D. for a period of five years. In agreeing to the consent decree, the Justice Department -- which had been investigating the L.A.P.D. since 1996 for excessive force violations -- agreed not to pursue a civil rights lawsuit against the city. Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and L.A.P.D. Chief Bernard Parks initially opposed the consent decree, but backed down when it became clear that it was supported by the city council. Riordan signed the consent decree in November 2000.
In the first criminal case stemming from Perez's allegations, Sgt. Edward Ortiz, Brian Liddy, Paul Harper and Michael Buchanan, all of the Rampart CRASH unit, were tried on charges of perjury, fabricating arrests and filing false police reports.
(PBS Rampart, emphasis added). Hundreds who had been falsely framed by the rogue cops were freed from prison by the time the feds completed their mission.

The citizen journalist in the Garner case says that the cops planted a .25 calibre pistol so
they could get revenge on him for filming them while they killed Garner.

The problem with a lot of this police overkill is the military doctrine of "overwhelming force" which is taught to soldiers (Shock and Awe; The Intellectual War Monger, 2).

When the soldiers get out of the military many of them become police officers, where, as they rise through the ranks the inject their military doctrines into the police force which eventually becomes dangerous to the local community (War to the Horizon; Will The Military Become The Police? - 10).

Institutionalized racism tends to focus that danger against minorities (The Real Problem; Symbolic Racism: A Look At The Science - 5).

Let's hope that Eric Holder or his replacement will do what the DOJ has done in the past and rid the nation of murderous racists in police departments.


  1. I don't like it. It won't be long when wholesale violence becomes the norm. We haven't even seen food shortages yet! Gas is cheaper than the past year and going down, but wait til the pendulum swings back the other way due to scarcity or lack of development! The water still comes out of the tap here - but look at Sao Paolo to get an idea how bad it can get. The economy is still holding together, but things aren't looking too good for the petrodollar; bank runs will happen 'all of a sudden.'

    There are already urban areas where the cops won't go unless they all show up at once. These areas will expand as things keep collapsing til we're in a 'mad max' world. All on the way down and out for civilization. What we're witnessing are signposts along the way.


  2. "Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department" - link

  3. North Carolina grand juries indict 3 police officers for shooting unarmed black men (3 indictments against SC officers in past 4 months).