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Choose Your Trances Carefully - 2

Justice for Oil-Qaeda
With the first post of this series, for the most part I began to focus more on general, wide-spread, and high-population-count types of trances.

In today's post I want to talk about one of many blame the victim trances that is active in many cultures, a trance that is hidden in plain sight.

The particular trance I have in mind for narrowing the focus is related to the addiction to crude oil, who is to blame for that addiction, and who is trying to hide the guilty and blame the innocent.

Oil-Qaeda is spending billions on propaganda to convince us that wee the people are to blame for their having addicted civilization to the deadly poison: toxic crude oil (cf. Phases Of An Empire Freezing To Death - 2).

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog maintains that criminal guilt can't be absolved by denial, transference of guilt, or by blaming the victim.

No, Oil-Qaeda is the guilty party (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment, A Methanol Economy Way Out of Here - 6).

Just because citizens have to use fossil fuels now, that coerced usage for over a century now is not our fault.

That civilization faces global warming and an uninhabitable Earth, due to the burning of fossil fuels, is not the fault of those who have essentially forced us into it.

It is the Oil-Qaeda liar who tells little kids that it is their fault for being born into this culture, this civilization, a civilization that is addicted to toxic and very crude oil.

The liars of Oil-Qaeda want you to believe, and even to tell your kids, your neighbor's kids, your kid's kids, and all kids, that it is their fault that civilization is addicted to crude toxic oil.

Children who did not even live when Oil-Qaeda machinations for the past hundred years eventually, through lies and deceit (A History of Oil Addiction - 2, The Universal Smedley - 2, Viva Egypt - 2) addicted civilization to oil (The Peak of Sanity - 3).

Blaming the citizenry for rebellious acts of government and the oil industry is like saying that being raped is the fault of women for being born in India, where rape is an everyday news factor.

Oil-Qaeda is spending big money on an expanding blame the victim propaganda campaign to try to divert attention from itself (as a member of the trinity, it has powerful comrades: MOMCOM: A Mean Welfare Queen).

One tactic is to ask a question ("what nation is to blame") which diverts attention from Oil-Qaeda:
... there’s no debate among the world’s scientists about which country is “most responsible.” That is, about which nation has injected the greatest amount of the heat-trapping invisible gas CO2 into to the atmosphere, where a lot of it remains for years, piling up and only adding to the heat.

The answer: United States has, with China a distant second.

And figured on a per person basis, the “most responsible” is the United Kingdom, with the United States a close second, Germany a close third, and China a distant seventh.

If you’re surprised the “most to blame” isn’t China, the explanation is simple:

In about 2007, China did pass the United States in putting the greatest amount of CO2 into the air per year, but China’s economic boom only got started recently and they still have a couple of decades to go (if there are no drastic changes) before they catch up with the United States in the total cumulative amount of heat-trapping CO2 they will have been piling up in the air.
(ABC News). The blaming of a nation misses the point that one particular international industry is by far the most guilty of promoting and securing addiction to fossil fuels.

The Oil-Qaeda blame-the-victim strategy is like blaming smokers, or blaming schools, for tobacco and asbestos, rather than blaming the lying, deceiving tobacco and asbestos industry for a cancer epidemic they knew they were causing and covering up (see The Exceptional American Denial).

The Oil-Qaeda advocacy of the firing of a shotgun into a crowd is not sophisticated justice, it is rank brutality, because we have the ability to narrow it down to the prime source (charging the guilty but leaving the innocent free from charges).

Several Dredd Blog series and posts over the years have pointed the finger directly toward Oil-Qaeda and its enablers (see the Series Posts Tab at the top of each Dredd Blog page).
So, don't fall for the Oil-Qaeda blame-the-victim campaign, fight that blame-the-victim trance, because Oil-Qaeda is the guilty one.

That is the beginning of justice.

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"The end of the whirled as we know it", by REM

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