Monday, July 7, 2014

Megacide City: The Capital of Oil-Qaeda & Nuke-Qaeda

Megacide City - The People's Temple
How could it happen that only two internal entities can facilitate the demise of civilization?

The only known mega-methods for bringing about the extinction of human civilization, from within civilization itself, are nuclear war and anthropogenic global warming.

Thus, the use of the words "Nuke-Qaeda" and "Oil-Qaeda" in the title, because they characterize the two realms that exercise control of those two megadeath methods.

A noted scholar describes them as the "two prominent current examples, global warming and nuclear weapons. As any literate person is doubtless aware, these are dire threats to the security of the population" (New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II - 8, quoting Chomsky).

Incidental to that is knowing this to be true while doing nothing to stop it.

Hence, a new meaning for the word "megacide" (cf. omnicide, ecocide).

And, since epigovernment and government are the co-creators of both Nuke-Qaeda and Oil-Qaeda, let's focus on the capital, "Megacide City", where all of the megacide machinations are concocted.

To get to Megacide City one must take Highway 61:
Highway 61 is also a metaphor for a state of mind that enables unseemly behavior, the sort of state of mind that develops prior to a democracy descending into a plutocracy, where a plutonomy replaces an economy.

That place, Highway 61, has been the main thoroughfare running through the middle of Washington, D.C. during the Glory Daze, then continuing alongside the green river, which flows all the way to a place where the accounting of the Pentagon, Enron, and GE is done (which could not be done legally elsewhere except on that branch of Highway 61 at a place called Wall Street).

A recent photo shows The Spirit of Saint 1% traveling down Highway 61 to make another "free market" killing.
(War is the Highway 61 of the 1%). Eventually Megacide City will come around, but it will be in emergency mode, in management by crisis mode (New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage).

That these concerns are serious as a heart attack can be seen in a recent official government memo indicating that these issues rise to the level of a national security concern.

That presidential memo creates a Task Force composed of at least 15 Federal Government Agencies, including: "(b) the Department of Defense ... (l) the National Security Council Staff" (The White House Press Secretary).

How did we get here?

With our eyes wide open:

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