Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today We Fight Back

[On 2/11/14] a  pop-up at the bottom of the page on most browsers will provide a way for you to make a call, or to send an email to relevant members of congress.

This in effect supports several ongoing legislative efforts to curtail the rogue activities of the military NSA.

Click on the strip or the "^" character, at the bottom right on the strip, for an enlargement of the pop-up and with fill-in boxes for your relevant information.

Dredd Blog saves none of the information, and a privacy statement is included in the pop-up for your perusal.

The process is being handled by: The Day We Fight Back, so go there to find answers to any questions you may have, or if you want to place this on your website or blog.

Most Americans want the military NSA to be reined in and put back in their proper place in American society.

Your participation will help move us in that direction.

Yesterday's post which has more links and information is here.

UPDATE:  As of 2/16/14 @ 4:00 AM Central Time, the count was 90,273 CALLS PLACED 187,620 EMAILS SENT (a total of 277,893 messages sent to congress) ... Guardian Report .... its Not too late to participate

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