Friday, February 14, 2014

MOMCOM 2.0 - 2

MOMCOM: "that certain spiritual essence"
Today is MOMCOM's birthday or anniversary of sorts, or as close to it as anyone can guess at the moment.

MOMCOM has changed to MOMCOM 2.0 in its evolution, so today we take a look at why.

Regular readers know the first two Dredd Blog series which started this ongoing expose are (MOMCOM, MOMCOM 2.0).

The first MOMCOM of those two was nick-named "Thelma", the other "Louise", but since they are united in policy, we can nickname them "Thelma & Louise" a la The Movie.

For the spiritual, the religious, and the just plain curious, since Dredd Blog believes in The Separation of Church and State, "that certain spiritual essence" of MOMCOM under the hood has been placed into a separate series over the years at Dredd Blog (The Virgin MOMCOM).
MOMCOM: The Thelma & Louise Policy

Today, we are going to synchronize that history in a attempt to convince you of the veracity of The Dredd Blog Theory of MOMCOM.

Anyway, "on with the show."

When the earliest vestige of MOMCOM began to go through mitosis, to morph away from England to become a separate and distinct America, some of the "genetic material", some of the cultural essences of those feudal times, naturally came along too.

For one example, there was the common law which included jury trials, because after all, our own ancestry in general tended to follow a path back through England's ancestry.

Thus, after the cannons of The Revolutionary War cooled down, then were placed into museums, the warmth of our common ancestry persisted, so we eventually became allies with the England from whence we emerged.

Thus, as a consequence, we shared in and mutually partook of the next revolution together, which was of course The Industrial Revolution.

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog has commented on and linked to books and other sources which show that England, the lead ally at the time, made decisions based on "that certain spiritual essence" which added the essential 'O' in MOMCOM, and which dictated the colonial history (a.k.a. imperialism) from about 1912 until now (Viva Egypt - 2).

The genetic material we shared guided America to become protoMOMCOM, which was misnamed by President Eisenhower as the Military Industrial Complex (MICOM or MIC).

To make a long story short, this misnaming helped to perpetuate a façade, which is still with us today.

That façade is still with us because of: 1) our addiction to oil, the 'O' in MOMCOM, the lifeblood of American power; and 2) our cultural denial of that reality through the Bernays subtleties and propaganda of the 'M' in MOMCOM, the mainstream media (A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA - 4).

We have, just this week, detailed the fusing of two these essences of MOMCOM (Blind Willie McTell News - 3), which makes the outer façade much more transparent (American Feudalism - 6).

So, here we are (Hot Alaska, Cold Georgia, The Damage Has Been Done - 3).

A nation with a Thelma & Louise national environmental policy regarding oil, a government directed by the military to war for more oil, and a populace that has been. or is being rendered senseless to it all by media (The Deceit Business).

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. "A recent study from Media Matters found that the Sunday shows on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox spent a combined 27 minutes on the topic in the whole of 2013." Link

  2. Maybe change we can live with will evolve if we resist Oil-Qaeda (John Kerry: Climate Change Is 'Perhaps The World's Most Fearsome Weapon Of Mass Destruction').