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Myth Addiction Is Establishment's LSD - 4

Wheels of Phallic Glory R Us
Why does the American Public, when polled on the question, "what is the most competent institution in American Culture?" respond consistently with the worst answer possible?

Why does the American Public respond with the name of the institution that illegally and deceptively spies on every member of the American Public as if they were the enemy?

Why does the American Public respond with the name of the institution that has more rapes of its own women membership than any other American institution?

Why does the American Public respond with the name of the institution whose members commit suicide more often than any other American Institution does?

The obvious answer in street language is that "they be trippin' man" (Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids? - 2).

Yes, belief in myth is like a hallucination without drugs, yet it is more powerful and deceitful than the drugs people are thrown into prison for using.

Much more powerful and much more deceitful.

And a very large legal industry spreads the myth (The Deceive Business).

The "mass hallucination" is bigger than any one individual could ever experience on an LSD trip, because it is the conglomerate myth believed by millions of people.

Another remarkable thing is that you don't "come down from the trip" after several hours with the myth, since it does not naturally wear off like the drug version does (The Greatest Source Of Power Toxins?).

No, the addiction to the myth that "the military is the most competent institution" lasts forever it seems, because the only choices which the Establishment provides to the public are: 1) got security?, and 2) got security?

Fear is pumped from the prayer towers of McTell News incessantly, rather than every few hours, five times a day, like in the Muslim world.

The boats of the faithful are floating on the Sea of Fear, navigating in reliance upon the maps of the Empire to show them the W direction to the exceptional continent.

Which is all myth and illusion.

Anyway, regular readers know that we have pointed out the self-destructive dynamics flowing within the military (see e.g. The Surge Of Snap Sergeants, We Killed More Of US Than They Did - 2).

Rape within the military is another self-destructive dynamic:
Brig. Gen. Bryan T. Roberts publicly warned his troops at Fort Jackson, S.C., last spring that he and the Army had “zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault.” Here’s what the Army didn’t tell the soldiers: At the time, Roberts himself was under investigation by the military over allegations that he physically assaulted one of his mistresses on multiple occasions.

Martin P. Schweitzer, a commander with the Army’s legendary 82nd Airborne Division, was respectful and polite when he met a female member of Congress to discuss matters at Fort Bragg, N.C. Afterward, however, he couldn’t resist tapping out e-mails to two other generals, describing the lawmaker, Rep. Renee L. Ellmers (R-N.C.), as “smoking hot” and jokingly referring to explicit sexual acts.

David C. Uhrich, a one-star Air Force general, kept a vodka bottle in his desk at Joint Base Langley-Eustis and repeatedly drank on duty, so much so that another officer told investigators that “if he did not have his alcohol, the wheels would come off,” according to the findings of an Air Force probe. The married Uhrich later sought treatment for a drinking problem, but not before he was also investigated for allegedly having an affair, something prohibited under military law.

The embarrassing episodes are described in previously undisclosed files of military investigations into personal misconduct by U.S. generals and admirals.
At the very top, the commander in chief has taken notice.

President Obama expects the nation’s senior military leaders to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct,” Caitlin Hayden, a White House spokeswoman, said in an e-mail. “The President has conveyed to the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that instances of senior general and flag officers not living up to these standards must be addressed effectively.”
(Military Brass, Behaving Badly, emphasis added). The establishment expects those who are trained to kill more efficiently than any other killing institution to do so ethically and honorably?

They are expected to kill, maim, destroy, and spy on their own people, but to be very ethical about it:
On Friday, more news broke regarding the child pornography scandal at the Pentagon that surfaced this summer. In July, it was discovered that more than 250 civilian and military employees of the Defense Department -- including some with the highest available security clearance -- used credit cards or PayPal to purchase images of children in sexual situations. This was out of the total 5,000 Americans that were discovered to be purchasing child pornography though the investigation.
(Psychology Today). Little wonder that so many of the true believers are going batshit crazy trying to comply with that establishment myth engendered by the establishment religion (see e.g. On The Origin of The Bully Religion, Bully Worship: The Universal Religion, The Virgin MOMCOM - 6).

Which is, the military establishment religion (Doing The Right Thing - Mithraism - 2) which drives the military establishment plutonomy (American Feudalism - 6).

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  1. "From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not." - James 4:1-2