Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Penn State of Mind - 2

On this date in 2011 Dredd Blog discussed the phenomenon of university students being incensed by a football coach being fired at Penn State.

The perplexing thing was that none of those rioters were arrested, but those who were protesting the evolution of our middle class based economy into a plutocratic plutonomy were arrested and/or harassed en masse (Occupy Wall Street).

That post is revisited today for history's sake:

What is up with Penn State University students rioting because their football coach was fired for covering up the sexual abuse of children?

The rioting students destroyed news vehicles and other property, but there were no arrests of the rioters by campus police or any other police.

Meanwhile peaceful protesters (who are unhappy that the 1% have established a coup and have installed a plutocracy to rule over the 99%) are shot and arrested around the country.

And don't forget the Kent State of mind where students were shot down and killed on their university campus for wanting a war stopped, shot down in cold blood by American storm troopers who were in disagreement with the students' want for peace.

This is The Penn State of Mind, which should now dampen the laughter and skepticism concerning Dredd Blog posts entitled This is Your Brain on Propaganda.

This public behavior by a university and its students, an American institution that is supposed to be the seat of American intelligence, the seat of American learning, yes, the seat of the future of America, comes at a time when most Republican primary candidates are advocating war and torture on the public airwaves in public debates.

These young riotous Penn State students, after attending this university, after watching leaders clamoring to be the warmonger in chief, the torturer in chief, yes, after graduating, are going to sit down at the seats of power, they are going to be given the helm of government sooner or later.

You can bet that over six billion people in the world (who are watching these events take place in a nation that has military bases strewn across the world, who are watching a warlike nation that has been invading and occupying other nations for a decade) are wondering "what ... is this the future of America?"

Since that time Dredd Blog has discovered the probable reason for the perplexing scenario discussed in the post above.
Highest paid public employee by state

The map to the right (click to enlarge) was discussed in the Dredd Blog post Ecosystems & Microbes, where we were amazed to find that the highest paid public employee in most states of America was a football coach or basketball coach.

The priority or lack thereof is why American Education is failing, thus, students complaining that our nation is a feudalistic, degenerating, poverty festering plutocracy are arrested or worse, while students protesting the dismissal of a football coach for covering up child molestation is not policed even though they destroy valuable property (see photo at top).

The previous post in this series is here.

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