Monday, October 21, 2013

ACLU vs. Clapper, Alexander, Hagel, Holder, and Mueller - 5

Whistleblower Ed Snowden
In this series we are following a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, a civil rights organization which is suing the military NSA for unAmerican, which is to say, unconstitutional, broad-based spying activities being conducted on all Americans (ACLU v Clapper).

The plot has thickened considerably with the British newspaper's headline "Snowden leaks: France summons US envoy over spying claims" (BBC News), a new revelation which shows that yet another "ally" is as miffed as American citizens are, as what could be the most asinine episode of the Keystone Kops continues to unfold:
The French government has summoned the US ambassador in Paris, demanding an explanation about claims that the National Security Agency has been engaged in widespread phone surveillance of French citizens.

On Monday, Le Monde published details from the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden suggesting that the US agency had been intercepting phone calls
"The eye of Sauron"
on what it terms "a massive scale".

The French interior minister, Manuel Valls, has described the revelations as shocking, and said he will be pressing for detailed explanations from Washington.

"Rules are obviously needed when it comes to new communication technologies, and that's something that concerns every country," he told Europe-1 radio. "If a friendly country – an ally – spies on France or other European countries, that is completely unacceptable."
(Guardian). It was only recently that worldwide news editors of various media entities showed unity in support of the Guardian's policy of releasing documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden (The Citizen Journalist In America - 2).

There are reports that the NSA also hacked emails of Mexico's president:
The National Security Agency hacked the email of former Mexican President
"We have your information"
Felipe Calderon, according to a report from Der Spiegel.

The report, which stems from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, alleges that a division of the NSA "successfully exploited a key mail server in the Mexican Presidencia domain within the Mexican Presidential network to gain first-ever access to President Felipe Calderon's public email account." Der Speigel also reports that the spying, which began in May 2010, also targeted other top officials in the Mexican government.

The report claims that some of the information retrieved in the surveillance program provided economic benefits to the U.S.
(NSA Hacked Mexican Presidents' Email For Years: Report). The Keystone Kops part of this is that it is a disaster for foreign policy, even though it shows technological skill.

Our government can't get a website up that helps people with fundamental human needs (Pelosi: Obamacare Glitches 'Unacceptable') but can spy on everyone everywhere.

That is what happens when psychopaths slither their way into offices in the peoples government to then pervert the system (When You Are Governed By Psychopaths - 4).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Military NSA motto: I'll Be Watching You ...


  1. Maybe the politicians in D.C. will snap out of their jackass bubble and do the proper thing so the reputation of America can recover in time. Link

  2. Saudi Arabia is going the way of the French, only far more intense: Link

  3. James "Claptrap" Clapper, most famous for committing perjury on a regular basis, says "we didn't do nuttin' like spying on nobody." Link

  4. The German government is miffed over the military NSA spying on it (US envoy summoned over Merkel row).

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