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When Indoctrination Is Enlightenment - 4

"Don't say that about Mommie"
On this date, in 2009, Dredd Blog began a series that deals with a blend or mixture of cultural amnesia with a cultural trance.

The subject matter of that series has not been neglected, rather, it has been placed in many other Dredd Blog System posts and series (see e.g. The Queens of Stalingrad, The Queens of Stalingrad - 2, and Viva Egypt - 2).

Today we revisit the subject matter of that series with the military NSA spying on America in mind:
Not enough relevant officials were aware of the size and depth of an unprecedented surveillance program started under President George W. Bush, let alone signed off on it, a team of federal inspectors general found.

The Bush White House pulled in a great quantity of information far beyond the warrantless wiretapping previously acknowledged, the IGs reported. They questioned the legal basis for the effort but shielded almost all details on grounds they're still too secret to reveal.
(When Indoctrination Is Enlightenment). That "Spying on America" issue was discussed here on Dredd Blog in this series which began four years ago --as shown by the quote above.

That illicit spying habit has only gotten worse (Spying on Brazil, Clarke on Hastings, Huffington Post on Hastings).

Not only that, the trance-like state induced by MOMCOM propaganda has been continually discussed in several Dredd Blog series:
The premise for this series is that propaganda from officialdom, whether from the international corporate epigovernment, or from federal and state governments, does damage to the minds of those who cannot resist it.

This series spans from Etiology of Social Dementia (9/18/09) through Etiology of Social Dementia - 8 (12/7/12).

The use of "etiology" in the title simply indicates that the series looks for indications of the source or origin of dementia.
(Etiology of Social Dementia - 9). It is quite natural and proper for every human being to want everything to be rosy, to think the best of others, and to want a Utopian existence (The Common Good - 2).

The problem is, among other things, that the Utopian Ideal is a result which must be produced by human thought and action, because it will not evolve in and of itself (The Evolution of Anthropogenic Extinction by Catastrophe).

When Simon & Garfunkel sang "they've all gone to look for America" they sang about an America worth looking for, not the monstrosity we see today (A Tale of Coup Cities - 4) which is the product of heinous witch doctor voodoo ideology (Deja Voodoo).

Much of our "social awareness" is actually nothing more than rank indoctrination (compare Exceptional American Propaganda Inspired NAZI Goebbels with The Ways of Bernays).

In other words MOMCOM's version of "American History" is a work of fiction that continues "breaking down the distance between right and wrong" (Bob Dylan) rather than increasing that distance (A History of Oil Addiction - 4).

Many of us have been impaired by that indoctrination (Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids? - 2) which has only served to increase ignorance among us:
Agnotology "is the study of culturally-induced ignorance or doubt ..."
(Agnotology: The Surge). The interesting dynamic pointed out in that post is that a culture of indoctrination, which is certainly the basis of American media, leads to a powerful situation that Sigmund Freud wrote about:
I would not say that such an attempt to apply psychoanalysis to civilized society would be fanciful or doomed to fruitlessness.
"Don't say that about Momcom"
The diagnosis of collective neuroses, moreover, will be confronted by a special difficulty. In the neurosis of an individual we can use as a starting point the contrast presented to us between the patient and his environment which we assume to be normal. No such background as this would be available for any society similarly affected; it would have to be supplied in some other way. And with regard to any therapeutic application of our knowledge, what would be the use of the most acute analysis of social neuroses, since no one possesses power to compel the community to adopt the therapy? In spite of all these difficulties, we may expect that one day someone will venture upon this research into the pathology of civilized communities.
(Social Dementia Causes Heated Misunderestimations - 3, quoting Freud). The Freudian study of culture and civilization, in the sense of its sanity or lack thereof (The Peak of Sanity - 3) has not yet officially come about for some reason.

Nevertheless, the cultural amygdala (Hypothesis: The Cultural Amygdala) produced by our culture is collectively within all of us, so to moderate it we have to self medicate by resisting the constant attack from Bullshitistan.

Otherwise we will have to follow the MOMCOM Wartocracy down into the further doom of America, while crossing The Toxic Bridge To Everywhere (see also The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful).

The previous post in this series is here.

MOMCOM? ... or America by Simon & Garfunkel:

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