Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leadership: The Lost Art

Jebber The Whut
I was watching and listening to Mark McKinnon on the entertainment morning show about coffee.

(Sometimes some pertinent news leaks into the coffee stream.)

Anyway, Mark is obviously a very confused young man.

But who would not be after being an associate in high standing with the bushie chainy gang --following his departure from the Democratic Party for what he thought was greener, more humane, and politically mature pastures?

Perhaps, after all that, Mr. Mark will now work on the campaign in the Virginia area of Wyoming for Little Miss Chainy --or even the upcoming campaign of Jebber The Whut or The Rehabilitation of High Priest Bush II --or even the Hillary The Clinton campaign (like I said Mark is a confused young man).

What caught my eye and ear on today's caffeine drama was the fact that Mark eventually became indoctrinated into the false meme associated with "leadership."

I am in reference to the false meme he spoke, which is heard most often nowadays in Republican circles:
To be a leader you have to go against what is popular, against what most of the people want, against populism, and make "hard decisions."
(Paraphrased). Way wrong, because the true essence of leadership is to have the vision to know in what direction the people are to be led (so how is that working out for you Mark?).

After leaving the Clinton Presidential Party which had left the nation with a budget surplus, Mark went to work for the Bush Presidential Party which left the country with a gaping hole deficit, left it stranded on the rocks of torture (On The Recent Condemnation of Torture - 2), useless wars, endless wars, Stalinist spying on Americans, and a shipwrecked decider who fled the scene (He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken, Jabber The Whut?).

"Take me to your leader, I must make an arrest"
The error in the Republican notion of "leadership", which Mark and other defectors have fallen for, leaves out the fundamental foundation of American Democracy.

That foundation is the public good (The Common Good), which is a direction, a course that must always be maintained because the winds of folly and tyranny constantly try to push and pull the ship of state off course (Titanic Mistakes Using The W Compass).

Mark got on board the ship to help steer it in The W Direction, and the ship of state is still headed in that wrong direction (The W Direction = The Perilous Path).

On the big ship of state, the U.S.S. Empire, it is very difficult to make course corrections because of the trance of momentum, the exceptional status quo (Obama Administration Rides Into The W Sunset - 2).

As long as we head in that wrong direction, which is contrary to the will of the people, this nation of common folk, this nation of the public, this nation of "we the people", will continue to suffer the sins of the Pontius Pilots (The Elections of Pontius Pilots - 2).

Some "good examples" of "leadership" by bushies:

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