Monday, June 17, 2013

War is the Highway 61 of the 1% - 2

Highway 61: War in Every Direction
This series deals with "a way" of doing things.

"A way" captured in the notion of "Highway 61", a way which requires analysis and decision.

Another name for it is The W Direction, but whatever name you choose, it is the wrong way to go.

It leads to a net loss, and it never reaches the proper place that all government actions should aim for, and should therefore also always end up, which is a place called the public good (The Common Good - 2).

All government actions should end up increasing the public good, but motoring down Highway 61 in the W direction is guaranteed to end up doing the public bad.

As one moves further in the W direction down Highway 61 more and more weapons of mass destruction show up (The Most Dangerous Moment in Recorded History) as the rhetoric behind the weapons becomes more and more one lane and one way (Putin Warns about Syria).
The W Direction

Along the way, courts become more and more the tools of commercial interests (Warren: Courts are Corporate Tools), thereby becoming increasingly at odds with the public good (Sovereign Immunity).

Even presidents of noble stature cannot bring themselves to give up their slaves, even though they know and say they should (Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson).

Science mysteriously gets messed up in a struggle with philosophy (Science v philosophy), then its own moorings begin to drift concerning even the notion of time and natural law (Think about Nature).

The public good slides off into a dumpster along the side of the road, as a strange cloud forms over the government (Epigovernment: The New Model - 3) as if a coup had taken place (A Tale of Coup Cities - 4).

Like Alice, after she fell down the rabbit hole, nothing seems to fit into the traditional reality that existed when the trip began (Obama Administration Rides Into The W Sunset).

When you see these things happen you can conclude that toxins of W are at work (The Greatest Source Of Power Toxins?).

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Audioslave, "I am the Highway"; lyrics here.

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