Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Robin Hood <-- Stabbed In The Back - 2

On this date in 2010 we talked about the movie Robin Hood.

It depicts those who struggle to help with the common good, the public good, only to be stabbed in the back by the growing number of corrupt officials in government (The Elections of Pontius Pilots).

Today in the U.S.eh? we wake up to another Groundhog Day movie type catastrophe in Moore, Oklahoma; a repeat in the sense that the same spot was hit with an EF-5 about a decade ago; only today the damage is worse, even as the global climate system continues to be damaged.

We passed 400 PPM recently as the government climate change report indicates we are already into a damaged global climate system that is doing damage to nations around the globe.

The point of no return, 450 PPM, is just ahead as the government says it is excited about drill baby drill in the melting Arctic.

Yes, those scientists who have informed the world for a hundred and fifty years now, and those who continue to warn today, must feel a bit like Robin Hood in the movie:

The movie "Robin Hood", starring Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett (2010), is a classic portrayal of a society back-stabbed by its government.

You know the story of Robin Hood? I have noticed that the establishment reviewers do not like this version very much.

As the story goes, promises are made in public by the sovereign to the entire nation promising them more freedoms in order to garner their support; then a blatant and open repudiation of those promises takes place once the danger passes.
Movie Poster - Wikipedia

The heroes who saved the establishment are then declared outlaws to be hunted down along with any of their supporters.

It was a one-time occurrence in the movie, but when we think about it, our political system has become the institutionalization of that very infidelity.

For example, it is a regular business for politicians to take the money of MOMCOM while promising the voters their needs will be taken care of, not MOMCOM's.

Then once in office they back-stab the public in the form of opening the people's Treasury to MOMCOM while closing it to the people (except for deposits).

See the movie whether or not you see the reality yet.

You will.