Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You're Doin' A Heckuva Job Browner - 5

America The Polluted
In this series we have discussed the continuation of the pollution "standards."

Actually, it might be more accurate to say the continuation of the demise of standards into more and more perverse pollution.

One of the Pollution Czar's of this episode of "Oil-Qaeda strikes again", Carol Browner, has been the focus of this series.

But no single individual can master pollution alone, since it is such a nation-sized reality, it takes an administrative village to ruin all of America's children's rivers and streams.

Let's look at the long and winding river of pollution brought to you by Oil-Qaeda America:
The following are the numbers reported in the last several stream and river assessments:
  • 1994: 36% of our streams and rivers were reported partially impaired or fully impaired.
  • 1996: 36% of waters assessed did not meet water quality standards. Very few rivers were assessed (approximately 19%), so the reality could have been worse than reported.
  • 1998: 40% of waters assessed did not meet water quality standards.
  • 2000: 44% of waters assessed did not meet water quality standards.
  • 2002: 45% of assessed rivers and streams were listed as impaired.
According to assessment released today [3/26/13]:
  • 55% of our river and stream miles are in poor condition.
(New Survey, Worsening Story, emphasis added; cf. EPA report in PDF). Does that give you a feel for what the neoCon wingnut Republicans want for America?

A feel for what democrats in the Obama Administration, and every other administration, allow by not properly resisting those who were once called pollution deniers, but now are called "climate change deniers"?

Is the only thing that will satisfy them 100% pollution of the once real but now fabled "America the Beautiful?"

The previous post in this series is here.

Pete Seeger sings the 1966 song "Garbage" as a warning our government ignored, because he was only a "hippie."

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