Friday, March 29, 2013



  1. DREDD!!!!
    lottakatz here, I just did a test to see if I could comment and it went into moderation. I know you moderate your blawg so I'm hoping it went to your moderation cache instead of to some vengeful Internet ghod unrelated to your blawg. This isn't really a valid comment, just a note to say hi and see if I can comment to ya'. The Anonymous option seems to work for me. My spell checker even seems to work.

    Have you remodelled your site? I haven't visited for quite a while and it looks like you have remodelled your site. Is the tab system new? The layout is really clean.

    Either you have done a sterling job of it or I've been gone so long it looks new to me. I really like the look of it. Well done, whenever that might have been.

  2. Hey lottakatz,

    Yeah, when I can't think of anything to write I tend to tidy up.

    When I can't find anything to tidy up, I go wandering around "the innertubes."

    Good to hear from you again.