Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Peak of The Oil Lies - 5

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In this series we have been discussing the issue of Peak Oil, a reality based on the additional reality that oil is a finite resource.

The post today is about a suspected cover-up of that approaching reality by government and Oil-Qaeda.

We therefore ask, "is there any way oil from the mid-east [Iraq, Libya, etc.] could reach our pipelines after being hauled here by tankers, then be purposely confused as new fracked oil under classified or top secret government information no one can discover?

It would not be the first time:
Moreover, recently declassified documents show that Saudi Arabia made secret oil shipments to the US military, to ensure that its operations in Vietnam would not be compromised.
(The Emperor Has No Clothes - Princeton University, p. 21, emphasis added). The Dredd Blog series about Iraq becoming the big oil exporter (Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? - 8) cast new light on the reason Iraq was invaded (BP Is Too Busy In Iraq to Help Gulf).

So, when Iraq became the second largest OPEC producer after Saudi Arabia, did it raise eyebrows as to why Iraq was invaded?

Why would that not be done now just to cover up peak oil's reality and not scare the hell out of the people?

Iraq has secretly shipped oil in the past, and there have been worse events in the oil addiction history (US Invasions Due To trying to stop Oil payments in dollars).

And Oil-Qaeda uses torture tactics when it comes to oil addiction (Torture In Iraq, El Salvador by US, Same, Guardian video, Steele disappears, Petraeus Torture Afficianado).

And they will snub the Constitution in public (The Drone Czar Sworn In On Copy of Constitution without Bill of Rights).

Repressive governments like to cover big things up, and once in awhile they get away with it for a long time (The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking).

So, why wouldn't the government and Oil-Qaeda try to fool us by saying that oil arriving from Iraq, and being put into our pipelines, is Canadian Tar Sands Oil, or shale kerogen oil acquired by fracking?

A recent Dredd Blog post reveals that the government is already disobeying the law, if they really are using tar sands oil (Keystone XL Pipeline Litigation?), but maybe they really aren't using tar sands oil.

Historically, the big companies that form MOMCOM / Oil-Qaeda (e.g. 10 largest military arms companies) and their bosses The Epigovernment, have done far worse than lie to us.

Even if, like Saudi Arabia did during the Vietnam war, Iraq secretly furnishes oil for the military, that would be a huge amount, since they are the largest oil user in the government.

Just sayin' ...

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