Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On The Origin of Specious

Agent Orange
Bill Maher talked about war spending on his "New Rules" piece last week (video below).

That was timely.

The only government spending that has doubled since about the year 2000 is military war spending.

Arguments by right-wing neoCon creatures that leave out the greatest increase in spending are  talked about in today's hypothesis: The Origin of Specious.

These psychopaths are operatives of Oil-Qaeda who sell us oil addiction.

Then they take the government hostage, take our paychecks hostage, try to take our insurance hostage (Social Security Insurance, Health Care Insurance, flood insurance, etc.), take the economy hostage, all the while delusionally telling us that they are the adults in the room.

They are the ah ... dolts in the room.

Maher indicated that we spend more on military war machinations than the next 13 countries, however, Dredd Blog has quoted information in the past which indicates that the bottom line figure adds up to more than all the other nations combined:
What kind of culture would you expect within a nation that spends more on weapons and war than all the rest of the other nations of the world combined?

That is, add up how much nations spend on weapons and war to derive a total.

Leaving out of course, while adding up the totals, the one nation you think spends the most, then combine the individual national amounts of each nation to see which of all the nations of civilization add up to being "worthy" of having the capitol (a.k.a. "The Temple of The Lard") of the world's Bully Religion:
“The United States spends more on defense [a.k.a. warmongering] than all the other nations of the world combined. Between 1998 and 2011, military spending doubled, reaching more than seven hundred billion dollars a year — more, in adjusted dollars, than at any time since the Allies were fighting the Axis.”
(New Yorker, January 2013). Add to that a U.S. rape epidemic, a United Nations investigation into treaty-violating U.S. drone invasions, a suicide epidemic, and you might just wonder what is going on within such a society that produces ass-holes, psychopaths, and official insanity.
(On The Origin of The Bully Religion). Harry Reid is doing an insurrection over in the Senate, as Dylan says in his song The Hurricane, "like the time before and the time before that", according to a recent news conference:
The top Democrat in the Senate said Tuesday that lawmakers should redouble their efforts to replace looming across-the-board cuts to the Pentagon and domestic programs with alternative spending cuts and tax hikes.

The comments by Majority Leader Harry Reid came amid increasing resignation among both Democrats and Republicans that the across-the-board cuts will soon take effect. The cuts were an element of the so-called fiscal cliff that was partially averted this month with the extension of Bush-era tax cuts.
(On The Origin of Sequester). The suspicions of many about the root of all spin has been addressed in:  On The Origin of Propaganda.

That leaves us with "the last original link" for this post: On The Origin of Assholes.

New Rule: America Needs to Show It's the Home of the Brave by Acting Like It

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