Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Return of the Kinder, Gentler Nation

Senator George McGovern (1922-2012)
It would seem that Senator George McGovern was smiling if he was watching this year's final Presidential Debate last night.

Mr. McGovern passed away on Sunday, the day before the debate.

Those of us watching the U.S. Presidential Debate last night witnessed candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney converting the right wing to liberalism once again.

So, Dredd Blog, like President Bill Clinton who said of the moderate version of The Romney, "Hey, where have you been, good to see you back", is also glad to see that version of Candidate Romney because that form of moderation, respect, and consideration for other nations of the world is a very good thing.

That is the version of America the world likes, that is the version of America the French president talked about when he said "we are all Americans now" back in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks, when American popularity peaked around the world.

That is the version of America that leads by using power to help nations with various needs, teaming up with various nations of The United Nations to bring good things to life, to people, to our neighbors on this planet.

To the contrary, the warmongering gunboat diplomacy daze is an off road, off track, lost foreign policy; lost from the traditional American way of a kinder, gentler nation.

American moderation is a tried and true foreign policy that made America worthy of the world's respect.

The current administration, President Obama at the helm, needs to continue in that direction, changing course away from The W Direction, which has plagued The United States and the world for a decade or so now.

So, congratulations to Candidate Romney for having the spunk to try to move to the left of Obama, which will hopefully help stay the needed course change, help keep us heading toward freeing the U.S. government from the corrupting influence of the warmonger class, to instead focus on the backbone of the nation, the middle class.

And congratulations to President Obama for winning this year's final debate of this election cycle.

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