Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage - 9

Cedar Triage Avenue - coastal suburb
Regular readers know that Dredd Blog caught wind of the changing dynamics concerning the way government deals with catastrophes being experienced by its citizens.

That is to say, government is becoming selfishly concerned with itself, leaving the people to fend for themselves and to pay tribute / taxes to a government that cares less and less about its citizens, other than votes, as time moves forward.

But Dredd Blog does not seek any acknowledgement for noticing the obvious back then: that the government seemed to be losing traditional care for the citizens.

There are those who remember that multitudes of Americans were devastated by Hurricane Katrina as well as "the heckuva job" the government did in the devastating wake of Katrina; not to mention Deepwater Horizon and this year's Hurricane Isaac which did the same thing that Katrina did, but on a smaller scale.

We remember that Katrina left a wake so devastating that the New Orleans area suffered a population decrease of some 30%, together with a loss of homes, businesses, schools, and respect for government.

Everyone saw that obvious reality unfold before their very eyes, so the question then became "was that a one time performance?"

But what Dredd Blog saw and posted about back in 2009 (that this lack of care for the citizenry was going to become institutionalized, that is, was going to become a permanent fixture of our government) is notable.

Before we go back to see some of that social evolution we predicted would take place within our government, let's note a point of evidence that reveals this phenomenon now clearly taking place in our lifetimes before our very eyes:
But as noted by several debate watchers, climate change was never mentioned -- not by the candidates, and not by the debate moderator, Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Given the absence of the topic at the two preceding meetings between Obama and Romney, the close of Monday night's event marked the first time in roughly a generation that climate change has failed to receive an airing at any of the presidential debates.

Nearly 25 years after NASA scientist James Hansen famously told Congress that the science behind the greenhouse effect was clear -- and after similarly long-lived efforts to raise awareness of global warming and to force the topic into the national dialog -- the meaning behind Monday's milestone is likely to be hotly debated. To some, it is a sign that climate change has become a niche issue -- and is now being treated like any other special interest. To others, the candidates are merely playing the political odds in an election in which Americans are highly focused on jobs and other more immediate concerns.

But in the hours immediately following the debate, activists and climate scientists simply expressed a mixture of anger and disillusionment.

"Climate change is a global threat that requires a global response. Yet neither candidate saw fit to address climate change’s implications for foreign policy," said Erich Pica, president of the environmental group Friends of the Earth Action, in a prepared statement. "By ignoring climate change, both President Obama and Governor Romney are telling the rest of the world that they do not take it seriously, and that America cannot be expected to act with the intensity and urgency needed to avert catastrophe.
(Huffington Post, Climate Change Not Mentioned In Presidential Debates For First Time In A Generation, emphasis added). More about that is made obvious in the two videos at the end of this post.

They show what was said in times past, what was missing in this latest debate that took place in a bubble of denial, and that this was done at a time when cities are in the cross hairs of catastrophe.

There can be little doubt that global catastrophe in the is now a political football deserving of only the deceit and deception generally accorded political hot potato issues.

Before we take note that this comes at a time when the catastrophic damage is being done in the here and now, let's look at the Dredd Blog record concerning our projection that government would shirk its duty to its citizens:
The new approach to alarming climate change and the growing spectre of many increasing national and international catastrophes is beginning to look more and more like triage.
The definition of triage is:

tri⋅age –noun

1. the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors.

(Dictionary). It may be that governments are now convinced by scientists that it is too late to stop the catastrophe.

So they will develop massive triage and massive burial procedures? How enlightened is that?
(New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage, 2009). We were saying that preventing the catastrophe was not a concern of the government that was beginning to see its roll as Funeral Director In Chief.

Thus, the Dredd Blog interpretation has been that the religious philosophy of the 1% has created a Plutocracy that has little more than intellectual contempt for the citizens of the nation.

Did you notice that the denialism began to creep into the presidential debate with Bush II's injection of that denialism?

The source of that denialism has been traced by the Dredd Blog System then presented in video format (The Exceptional American Denial).

The catastrophic denialism has now expanded into the presidential debates even as the dangers to the great population centers of the nation increase daily, as shown by this CBS video (CBS News Rising Sea Levels):

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