Thursday, August 23, 2012

Octomom of Election Fraud Gives Birth - 2

On this very date in 2009 we focused on the new nation our military had built in Afghanistan.

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Specifically, in that 2009 post Dredd Blog focused on the purple finger of fate elections we had selflessly brought to that new baby democracy created by our foreign policy wisdom, eagerly and generously brought to the world the 1% say they were born to rule.

Here is the text of that post:

Or, how the election integrity movement within the U.S. military gets jiggy wid it.

Invade a sovereign nation, then ship them a thousand electronic voting machines and printing presses to print paper ballots.

Next, paint the fingers purple of those who stand in line at the barbed wire lined polling places and actually vote; finally, ignore the sour grapes of those who yell election fraud.

Voila, have you thereby perpetuated the spread of democracy; or have you become lonely in the midst of your vast weapons cache and committed a rape that will impregnate electomom and spread election fraud further around the globe?

The recent Afghanistan elections sound like another STD moment stimulated by the shadow movement:
Hamid Karzai's main political rival today accused the Afghan president of "stealing" last week's presidential vote by orchestrating a campaign of massive electoral fraud.
(The Guardian). Has Norm Coleman moved to Kabul to do election counselling, or is he still in Minnesota fighting the last electowar?


  1. The chronic election problems in the U.S. exported to little democracies forged by invasion and occupation.

    What next, voter ID laws to suppress and bully the weaker voters? Link