Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Evolution of Cosmic Adults - 2

How much have we evolved since this date in 2009 when the first post of this series was published?

Maybe our heads and brains are a different shape/size, continuing what they have been doing for a century or so?

Maybe our government is giving up the bully ideology and we are becoming a kinder and gentler nation?

Maybe we don't make extinct 200 species a day anymore, or ~73,000 species extinct per year?

Maybe this isn't the Sixth Mass Extinction, caused by The Anthropocene Epoch anymore?

Maybe we don't make the Earth hotter at the equivalency of 400,000 Hiroshima type nuclear bombs per day anymore?

Maybe more people realize what cosmic adult means?

Here is the text of that post:

The G8 Nations are meeting again.

Those nations are France (65,073,482), United States (306,869,000), United Kingdom (61,612,300), Russia (142,008,838), Germany (82,060,000), Japan (127,433,494), Italy (60,045,068), and Canada (33,708,000), which together have a population of about 878,810,182 people.

That G-8 population figure represents about 15% of the earth's population which is about 6,000,000,000 people.

Which means that 85% of the world population is left out of G8 summits.

China (1,500,000,000) and India (1,200,000,000) were not there, even though those two nations alone represent about 45% of the earth's population.

Even among the fraction that was represented at the G8 summit, they cannot agree among themselves exactly how to proceed to solve the mounting and fast approaching problems that will bring catastrophe to their populations and economies.

Will this lack of agreement increase or decrease when most of the world's population is represented in a G-All summit?

The evolution and religion we teach in our institutions on this planet is not yet producing even planet-wise adults, in terms of which ideology and behaviour is dominating within human endeavours, much less producing cosmic adults.

Under the tenets of ecocosmology our teachers and our entire earth culture must do much better than that.

In fact, the teachers and the earth culture must eventually produce cosmic adults if the children of mother earth are to survive.

A recent Pew Research Study reveals some promising and some disturbing factors about the U.S. public's view of science, and the government's suppression of it.

The previous post in this series is here.

Below is a video clip from "The Newsroom", a new series on HBO:

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