Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Surge Of Snap Sergeants - 2

Xanax, it's not just for Them
In the first post of this series we considered the ongoing, increasing suicide rate, crimes, and mental illness that the military, including veterans, see and experience within their ranks.

This morning on Morning Joe, MSNBC, retired Admiral Mike Mullen pointed out that 18 of them commit suicide a day now, or 6,570 each year, and the rate is increasing (2nd video below; see also Washington Post).

Those numbers don't include the fact that about one third of them coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, over 300,000 and growing,  even if they do not commit suicide, murder, or other crimes, have other mental health problems to deal with.

The first video at the end of this post is from 2007, and is used only to show that the problem is increasing, is not being dealt with, in fact is being "ignored."

Working for the glory, granted by the Plutocracy of MOMCOM, is a costly affair, which works "quite well" for the 1% but not for the 99% in American society.

Here is a video clip from Morning Joe on MSNBC showing 6,570 suicides a year (18 day) in the military:

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  1. The public's idolization of the "warrior heroes" has taken on new meaning, now that suicide is the number one injury cause of death in the U.S.eh? Link