Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Intellectual War Monger - 2

In the first post of this series Dredd Blog pointed out the overall purpose of War Colleges.

We only briefly touched upon some of the general subject matter being taught in those "educational institutions" located out on Highway 61.

About a year later, we zeroed in on the main theme of a war college, in the Dredd Blog post Is War An Art or Is War A Disease?, but now we have some actual classroom material from the U.S. War College, so, let's take an even closer look at what has been taught to officers who have been deployed "around the world", ostensibly for your "security."

Note that "around the world" is not an exaggeration, because MOMCOM has "little" COM areas that literally cover the globe, as was pointed out in the Dredd Blog series The Virgin MOMCOM.

Anyway, there is a far more harsh criticism in another Dredd Blog series, but first lets look at the "class material" taught in the war colleges:
The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists, according to documents obtained by Danger Room. Among the options considered for that conflict: using the lessons of “Hiroshima” to wipe out whole cities at once, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary.”

For the better part of the last decade, a small cabal of self-anointed counterterrorism experts has been working its way through the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, trying to convince whoever it could that America’s real terrorist enemy wasn’t al-Qaida — but the Islamic faith itself. In his course, Dooley brought in these anti-Muslim demagogues as guest lecturers. And he took their argument to its final, ugly conclusion.


International laws protecting civilians in wartime are “no longer relevant,” Dooley continues. And that opens the possibility of applying “the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki” to Islam’s holiest cities, and bringing about “Mecca and Medina['s] destruction.”
(Wired, see also this). It is not difficult to see that this bigoted, xenophobic paranoia reached to the highest offices in U.S. Government, even to The High Priest In Chief, and then that sickness became institutionalized within American culture through the propaganda organ we call McTell News.

Now, perhaps regular readers, who may have thought Dredd Blog went over the top in the series MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact, can consider this in the light of the Russian President canceling his trip to the U.S., meanwhile Putin's top military officer indicates Russia may have to do a preemptive military strike to snap the Wartocracy out of this stupor.

In closing, the old Jefferson Airplane song with the lyric "when the truth is found to be lies ... you better find some body to love" ends up being prescient, because the soldiers fed this garbage are coming back and committing suicide at a rate higher than they are being killed in combat against Islam, a religion.

The previous post in this series is here.

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