Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The City Limits of Their-Topia - 2

President Obama Tells It Like It Is
In the first post of this series Dredd Blog pointed out that "Utopia" means "no where" man, and that "Their-topia" means "their place."

Well, finally Their-Place has given in a bit, and has included Bob Dylan in today's medal of freedom awards at the White House.

The following folks were awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom at that ceremony:
Madeleine Albright, John Doar, Bob Dylan, William Foege, John Glenn, Gordon Hirabayashi, Dolores Huerta, Jan Karski, Juliette Gordon Low, Toni Morrison, Shimon Peres, John Paul Stevens, Pat Summitt.
(CSPAN Video Page). I watched the proceedings on CSPAN and it was tearful in a good way, and in the sense that it was very mixed company.

That is America, very mixed company, probably summed up well with my little saying "U.S.eh?", but that is how it has always been.

We have always had a long way to go.

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