Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Are Not In Toto Anymore Kansas

The phrase in toto means totally, completely, and in full measure.

The olde notion of The American Dream is now laced with Establishment LSD, and that dream is no longer around in toto, whether or not Kansas believes it is.

The subject matter of today's post is voter power (as shown by the graphic of the Wizard of Oz behind curtains, smoke, and mirrors, used to represent today's voter in a voting booth, hoping like the wizard hoped, to be able to make things happen in a certain way).

In the Dredd Blog post The Election of Pontius Pilots, we visited upon the growing reality that The American Dream Voters can only chose from a list of candidates forced upon them by the John Galt Establishment's two political parties.

The fact that money is now the harbinger, for determining who can become a candidate to inhabit a public office, also strongly militates against any grass-roots candidates, from the 99%, ever becoming real, electable candidates.

That is why the government is now identified as a Plutocracy (money is the foundation for choosing politicians who will become inhabitants of government offices).

In that sense, the voting booth is in toto a fantasy every bit as much as the fantasy the Wizard of Oz was acting out in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Yes, we voters in the Plutocracy are now the wizards of odds, laboring under the illusion of control via elections, while actually being servants to the establishment status quo system we no longer have control over.

It remains to be seen, I suppose, whether or not Huxley was correct when he said that a time will come when Americans will love their servitude to the governing plutocrats.

Anyway ...

Once upon a time in a Kansas Haboob:

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