Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Etch A Sketch Nation

Kingdom of Etch-a-Sketchia, Bullshitistan
Where does a nation end up, once its government becomes The Kingdom of Etch-A-Sketchia, then enters Etch A Sketch mode?

Regular readers and bloggers here at Dredd Blog have perused the issue of the plague of campaign statements and promises, later forgotten or deliberately ignored once a politician is placed in office.

In the series The Elections of Pontius Pilots and When Accountability Is Plague, the issue of the disease of sovereign immunity and state secrets is shown to be a source of excess, a source where perverted political minds warp over into a notion that deceit of the citizenry is normal, a state of mind that does not fit with American constitutional values.

Under this current deceitful Plutocracy, both domestic and foreign policy are perverted into something Orwellian.

Yesterday, we dealt with this subject in a post that shows that Dredd Blog has done so from the beginning (e.g. see Propaganda Is A Toxic Asset).

Other posts that deal with the effects of this plague of dishonesty and deceit include The Etiology of Social Dementia and When You Are Governed By Psychopaths.

For an example showing we are governed by psychopaths, take a gander at:
The National Weather Service is kind of the anti–Mike Daisey, a just-the-facts operation that grinds on hour after hour, day after day. It’s collected billions of records (I’ve seen the vast vaults where early handwritten weather reports from observers across the country are stored in endless rows of ledgers and files) on countless rainstorms, blizzards and pleasant summer days. So the odds that you could shock the NWS are pretty slim.

Beginning in mid-March, however, its various offices began issuing bulletins that sounded slightly shaken. “There’s extremes in weather, but seeing something like this is impressive and unprecedented,” Chicago NWS meteorologist Richard Castro told the Daily Herald. “It’s extraordinarily rare for climate locations with 100+ year long periods of records to break records day after day after day,” the office added in an official statement.

It wasn’t just Chicago, of course. A huge swath of the nation simmered under bizarre heat. International Falls, Minnesota, the “icebox of the nation,” broke its old temperature records—by twenty-two degrees, which according to weather historians may be the largest margin ever for any station with a century’s worth of records. Winner, South Dakota, reached 94 degrees on the second-to-last day of winter. That’s in the Dakotas, two days before the close of winter. Jeff Masters, founder of WeatherUnderground, the web’s go-to site for meteorological information, watched an eerie early morning outside his Michigan home and wrote, “This is not the atmosphere I grew up with,” a fact confirmed later that day when the state recorded the earliest F-3 strength tornado in its history. Other weathermen were more… weathermanish. Veteran Minneapolis broadcaster Paul Douglas, after noting that Sunday’s low temperature in Rochester broke the previous record high, blogged “this is OFF THE SCALE WEIRD even for Minnesota.”
(The Nation). Now notice that President Obama has switched, from slowing down the Keystone XL dirty oil pipeline to accelerating it.

It does not look good when we can't partake of our own national government anymore, because it is not a government of, by, and for the people.

It is a government by the Plutocrats, for the Plutonomy, and of the One Percent, who want to follow the path of Nixon, Bush, and Obama.


  1. Very etchy ... very sketchy ...

  2. Just change the name of the pipeline, then go for it!

  3. Name it what it is ... the last ignorant grasp of post peak-oil civilization onto another deadly myth.

    The "No Comprendo XL" pipeline.

  4. Protesters were arrested while protesting a Fukushima style reactor at a nuke power plant in Vermont.

    When will MSR be used to show the U.S. is serious about nuclear weapons reduction?

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