Friday, March 23, 2012

Entitlement Wars - Guns vs. Butter - 2

Jingoism For Money Honey
Sometimes we forget that the vast military, with thousands of sprawling bases and naval ports in ~130 foreign nations, and hundreds of such facilities in the U.S., has no real return on the vast amount of money spent, and lost.

MOMCOM is an entitlement program, the largest such program on Earth.

The oil companies receive billions of dollars of taxpayer money, as their profits soar through the roof, and as they feel free to not pay anywhere near their fair share of taxes.

We touched upon this aspect of massive deficit spending in the first post of this series:
We have seen that military expenditures of the U.S. are more than the rest of the entire world.

We have also seen that such expenditures are in fact entitlements, as in welfare.

The great general who also knew how to be Commander In Chief, as well as head of budget concerns, has said that when the military entitlements get out of hand, the military is in effect sacrificing the common people on an iron cross.
(Entitlement Wars - Guns vs. Butter). During the Vietnam war era the discussion was called "guns vs. butter" in the years of debate that took place then, a debate of wasted words, seeing as how the national leaders learned absolutely nothing from it.

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