Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Spawn Of MOMCOM is Death - 2

Near to this leap day of February 29, but some years back, Dredd Blog posted the first post of this series, a series which concerns the broad and deep infiltration of what was once called "the free press," but is now referred to as the mainstream media.

The infiltration spoken of was done by none other than The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA.

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog now calls the monstrous, morphed,  "news agency" that resulted when the 1% took over multi-media:  "McTell News."

Anyway, we need to get on with it, so here is the text of that old post:

If the CIA thinks I have been harsh on them they are wrong.

I don't mention them much at all, if any.

Other blogs excoriate them, so before I begin an explanation of how they are part of MOMCOM, let me set the stage.

Species produce their own kind.

It is the same with MOMCOM, she reproduces little MOMCOM types.

She is like a galaxy that has many appearances, each depending on the wavelength of the light one is using to observe that galaxy.

For instance, looking at a galaxy in infra red will show a different galaxy from what one will see while observing that same galaxy in visible light.

There is an entire spectrum of personalities in any one galaxy.

MOMCOM is an entire spectrum of personalities too.

We have said that one of the "M" personalities is the main stream media (MSM), the press, which is where MOMCOM gets one of her personality traits.

The media portion of MOMCOM is discussed in an article I found that alleges the media has been massively infiltrated by the CIA.

Listen to what one media mogul, who was made an asset by the CIA, has to say about her concept of journalism:
There are some things that the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.
(Existentialist Cowboy). That was a statement by a CIA asset in the media who controlled the right leaning Washington Post.

The same article indicated that the CIA had infiltrated and made assets of various MSM sections. Here is a partial list:
* Philip and Katharine Graham (Pub., Wash. Post)
* William Paley (President, CBS)
* Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine)
* Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times)
* Jerry O'Leary (Washington Star)
* Hal Hendrix (Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami News)
* Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal)
* James Copley (Copley News Services)
* Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor)
* C.D. Jackson (Fortune)
* Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post)
* Associated Press
* United Press International
* Reuters
* Hearst Newspapers
* Scripps-Howard
* Newsweek magazine
* Mutual Broadcasting System
* Miami Herald
* Old Saturday Evening Post
* New York Herald-Tribune
(ibid). It was that old rascal Napoleon Bonaparte who said:
Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.
(Napoleon Quotes). The CIA corruption of domestic media tranquillity is treasonous, but in our age of the demise of accountability, which is the demise of our democracy, they will only increase the treason of the realm of MOMCOM.

The MOMCOM gang is composed of delusional people who (for all their efforts to kill, maim, divide, and destroy) are anathema to what is required to survive in this cosmos.

Message from the Cosmos to MOMCOM: "Dear MOMCOM, you can run but you can't hide ... Gotcha".

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  1. No doubt one of the Murdoch faux news folk should be on that list. Link