Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us? - 3

The Dredd Blog System has previously touched upon the subject of global warming induced climate change, in the context of it triggering both volcanoes and earthquakes.

For examples, see "Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us - 2", "Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us", "Global Warming & Volcanic Eruptions."

The effect of pressure on the bottom of Gulf of Mexico, as well as changes in those pressures, as the ocean level rises, was discussed in Danger Lurks In The Deep Water - 2, and Danger Lurks In The Deep Water.

The Guardian says "Bill McGuire is the director of the Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre. He is author or editor of over 400 books, papers and articles focusing on volcano instability and monitoring, volcanic hazards, natural hazards and environmental change, climate change and global geophysical events" (Profile).

Bill McGuire, in turn says:
The idea that a changing climate can persuade the ground to shake, volcanoes to rumble and tsunamis to crash on to unsuspecting coastlines seems, at first, to be bordering on the insane ... If we think about climate change at all, most of us do so in a very simplistic way: so, the weather might get a bit warmer; floods and droughts may become more of a problem and sea levels will slowly creep upwards ... The world we inhabit has an outer rind that is extraordinarily sensitive to change ... Across the world, as sea levels climb remorselessly, the load-related bending of the crust around the margins of the ocean basins might – in time – act to sufficiently "unclamp" coastal faults such as California's San Andreas, allowing them to move more easily; at the same time acting to squeeze magma out of susceptible volcanoes that are primed and ready to blow ... The bottom line is that through our climate-changing activities we are loading the dice in favour of escalating geological havoc at a time when we can most do without it. Unless there is a dramatic and completely unexpected turnaround in the way in which the human race manages itself and the planet, then long-term prospects for our civilisation look increasingly grim.
(Climate Change Will Shake The Earth, emphasis added). The post Global Warming & Volcanic Eruptions, at Ecocosmology Blog, quoted a researcher who successfully predicted a volcanic eruption a couple of years before it actually happened, naming the exact volcano that would erupt, as a glacier in Greenland melted due to global warming.

That scientist had done additional research, going back centuries, which detailed the effect of water levels on volcanoes.

Dredd Blog's position on this subject has always been that the denial of the deadly seriousness of our civilization's polluting of the environment is ecocidal, murderous, and criminally insane.

One scientist knows the madness involved in climate change denialism:
In his book, Mann warns that "public discourse has been polluted now for decades by corporate-funded disinformation – not just with climate change but with a host of health, environmental and societal threats." The implications for the planet are grim, he adds.

Mann became a target of climate deniers' hate because his research revealed there has been a recent increase of almost 1°C across the globe, a rise that was unprecedented "during at least the last 1,000 years" and which has been linked to rising emissions of carbon dioxide from cars, factories and power plants. Many other studies have since supported this finding although climate change deniers still reject his conclusions.
(Guardian). Mann has received death threats from deniers who have been incensed by false propaganda originating at oil industry organs of deceit.

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