Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holy Right Marries Big Brother - 2

For the second day in a row, we present material that was posted over a thousand posts ago, on this date several years ago.

We are testing the theory that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Here is the text of that post:

The marriage of Holy Right to Big Brother eventually gave birth to their daughter Scandal and their son Character Assassination.

The purpose and function of Holy Right is to raise the concept of good behavior way up to a holy level above mere mortals.

There is a distinct reason that the bar must be very, very high. Fishermen of men know that the net must be wide if one is to prosper.

Yes, a very distinct reason it must be raised to an unattainable height that can only be imaginatively inhabited by the Robe Wearers (Holy Right's family, Big Brother's inlaws).

The social script handed down betimes ends up being a movie where everyone is to pretend that it is an attainable realm.

A realm fitly inhabited by good people floating above the realm of bad people. Like Springsteen said, everybody has a hungry heart, so you lay down your money and you play your part.

The Robe Wearers not only proclaim the divine creation of the realm, but they proclaim the path to inhabiting it as well.

The purpose and function of Big Brother is to use the power of government for spying, illegal wire taps, other illegal surveillance, and rogue segments of the various departments of justice to gather food for the children Scandal and Character Assassination.

Once the populace is fully conditioned to the notion of "good behavior" by Holy Right, the information gathered by Big Brother is handed off to the children Scandal and Character Assassination as the toys for their delightful play.

Those two children play a serious game of taking people out of power or even out of consideration for power by the vehicles of scandal and character assassination.

Their sandbox where they play with their toys is called "The Press" or "The Media".

So long as the Holy Right can successfully define what is "good", Big Brother can use the spy mechanisms to find behavior that is "bad".

Then the children can use their toys in the sandbox to keep certain people out of power and certain other people in power.

It is the Hour of Power, so are you a Muslim, conspiracy theorist, lefty, tax avoider, liberal, atheist, peacenik, or are you a good person instead?

Lyrics to the following song (Flume) are here.

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