Friday, December 23, 2011

Double Down, Down, Down, and Downer

The Dredd Blog post yesterday quoted a December 22, 2009, Dredd Blog post that contained prescient observations.

Observations by those who saw the democrats going down big-time in November 2010.

About a year after that post, in the very next election, that is exactly what happened to the democrats.

In the 2010 election they hit the iceberg going full steam in the W Direction.

You would think, by now, that they would have picked up on the rhythm of that post, of that election, and stopped kowtowing to the right wing madness.

They have not, rather they have doubled down, evidently giving up on America to join the neoCon infestation.

In so doing they (democrats and republicans) have passed the most fascist bill in American legislative history, which the double down president says he will sign into law.

Even grandma is now in danger of Big Brother Dementia, since the entire mob in D.C. (except for very few), seems to have been infected by the lunacy going around, because the president and the other democrats doubled down and steamed full ahead in the W direction once again.

Now they (democrats and republicans) sanction the killing and imprisoning of Americans on U.S. soil without charges and without trial, for an indefinite period or for life if they feel like it.

Merry Christmas Endless Wars to all ...
Piss on Earth
(from yo MOMCOM)

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