Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Germ Theory - of Government - 2

In the previous post of this series we looked at government from a vantage point not often considered.

We peered out over the political landscape from a doctor's vantage point.

Then we went even further, to consider the constitution as one form of medicine or immunization designed to treat those who would sit in any of the seats of power.

In our view, expressed in that post, we examined the notion that those who sit in the seats of power (including religion) are constantly exposed to what we call the toxins of power.

We noted that the whole purpose for that constitutional treatment for exposure to those toxins, together with annual follow up elections to work as booster shots containing the anti-toxin called accountability, was to avoid an ongoing diseased government that more and more would oppress the people it purported to serve.

No doubt it seems strange, at first, to consider government from the perspective of a doctor, from the perspective of Epidemiology, nevertheless, at the same time it is common for people to react to some of the behavior of congress, the president, and the courts with the phrase "that's sick".

We bloggers, commenters, and posters at Dredd Blog have also expressed another notion, based on a review of the history of empires, that there is an increasing sense that the toxins of power can, over time, build up an immunity to those types of treatments (like the resistance of Streptococcus, for example).

We suggested, therefore, that we should "get modern" by developing an actual immunization vaccination that would have some capacity to protect those who are exposed to the toxins of power.

We noted that our microbiology scientists, researchers, and scholars, have made great inroads into the study of microbes, as well as the impact microbes have on the concept of what it is to be human.

We believe that we are now in a stronger position, medically and scientifically, to seriously begin to consider and to develop such a vaccine.

But note that this is not a vaccine for stupidity or incompetence, rather it is a vaccine for already intelligent, competent Americans who become government officials, and who are then and thereby exposed to toxins of power.

Toxins that will pull any and all of them toward behavior they would not otherwise normally conduct, prior to having been exposed to those toxins.

The Toxins of Power Blog now is advancing an ongoing, maturing hypothesis that encourages research and development which could move us closer to the day when we can discover what any such vaccine would be able to do to minimize the effects of the toxins of power.

Hopefully, those who have the capacity to do such research and development will take the idea and run with it for the benefit of people everywhere.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

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