Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time: Child of the Empire

Remember the lyric "see the arrow on the door post" and you will understand why this "door" post discusses the video below.

This door opens at the time when another socially intoxicating warmonger holiday is upon us, one of the many instituted, then perpetuated by propaganda in order to expand upon the glory daze of the 1% elite who "do the wars".

Morning Joe on MSNBC (child of parent GE) continues to hawk the warmonger society regardless of the fact that the public continues to reject The W Direction as the wrong direction.

This morning the Time Magazine Peddler came through Morning Joe's parade stream to sell his magazines by hawking the notion of war as a good thing, all the while lamenting the fact that the American people do not like war.

Go figure that one, or instead realize that the American people traditionally think that war is a social disease, while the 1% warmongers have convinced themselves, and their lackey military elite who run The War Colleges, that war is good art.

The war magazine salesman indicates that his opinion of the Constitution is that it constitutes the appreciation of war because of the phrase "the common defense".

That war magazine salesman, being a member in good standing of Blind Willie McTell, fails to realize that "the common defense" is something the 99% (the commoners) determine, not their overlords, the 1% elite.

That is because the wars that the 1% lust for are never wars that defend the common 99% (as pointed out by The Father of the Constitution).

Rather, they are wars that tend to plunder or enslave those common 99%, and to make the world of the 99% a less safe place, because of less and less peace.

The magazine salesman goes on to say that no domestic job is as exalted as a military "job" is, and that military pay has gone up dramatically since 9/11.

Wow, the war magazine salesman guy can recruit too (is that the reason the 1% have seriously damaged the job market that the 99% have to labor in?)

The magazine war salesman guy fails to mention that soldiers get paid at most ten percent of what the war profiteers are paid for their human product, contract mercenaries (not official soldiers; mercenaries from Blackwater / Xe), which is about a million dollars a year for each mercenary.

Morning Joe pipes up to say that these soldiers "ran" cities in Iraq and Afghanistan, as if that means they know how to build nations (but do not learn first how to destroy them).

A recent map shows how they know "to run a city", revealing the incredible number of deaths in a city where they got lots of "run" experience (connect the dots), while a blog that went silent in 2007 tells the story of a family who, based on the soldiers "running a city" experience, had to join millions of others to flee their own nation and become refugees in Syria.

Is the war worshiping magazine salesman implying that we should let the military take over the political arena in the United States because the people feel that the military is the most competent American institution, even as they have for a decade disliked the wars the military fights (when the military invades and occupies sovereign nations)?

You're doin' a heckuva railroad job McTell ...

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